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Real Estate Blogging 101 Class Schedule for Las Vegas

Kathryn Bovard and I have scheduled three additional dates for our "Real Estate Blogging 101" Continuing  Education Class:

Class Time: 1:00  to 4:00 pm

  • Wednesday, June 4, 2008
  • Wednesday, July 30, 2008
  • Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Classes are held at Equity Title Training Center (Flamingo/Tenaya).  The cost: $45 (advance)  / $55 (at the door).  Register for an upcoming class at:

The class will cover the basics of blogging, benefits of a business blog, web 2.0, legal issues, the anatomy of a blog, tops tips for blogging, and much more.  All attendees will receive a Tutorial outlining step-by-step instructions on how to start your own free blog.  Also included in the class is a second bonus - "Real Estate Blog & Web 2.0 Resource Guide Online."

Download BlogClassFlyer_2008.pdf

Lists of Real Estate Blogs and Resources

If you are searching for lists and links to real estate blogs - everything from real estate agent bloggers to real estate marketing, industry and news - here are some resources I've bookmarked for future reference:

Bloodhound Blog maintains this  potentially canonical list of real estate weblogs.

Todd Carpenter of Lenderama and Blog Fiesta created REMBEX, a customized Google search of a thousand+  real estate blogs  You can also add the Rembex search engine as a widget for your blog.  See my sidebar for an example - just scroll down to right above the list of blog directories.  Don't forget to submit our blog for consideration if your blog is it is not already listed. 

International Listings has compiled these informative lists:

A Directory of Real Estate Blogs has a comprehensive listing of real estate blogs sorted geographically and by categories like real estate agents, industry, home inspection, appraisal,  and mortgage.

Blogflux - Blog Top Sites for Real Estate

BlogTopList also has a Real Estate Top Blog List - includes stats on visitors and blog rank.

Business & Life Lessons from a Marathon Runner

ChicagoSteve Matthews is a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, entrepreneur, business-owner, dedicated family man and a marathoner!  Last year, at the age of 54, he ran and finished his first marathon in Chicago after only 3 1/2 months of training.  He has since completed several marathons and running events. 

Steve has an excellent blog entitled A Runners Rant where he writes about his running experience and how it relates to life and business. 

His first post:  Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Running outlines 45 lessons that he expands on in his individual blog posts.  Steve's writing style is very descriptive and real.  I love how he weaves his experiences with running into excellent life tips and useful business ideas and principles.   

Steve also has a business that provides virtual tours and a very unique service called VirtualAgent.  Check out this cutting-edge technology for your website or blog at :

Top 12 Real Estate Marketing & Industry Blogs

This is my current list of  the best blogs covering the real estate industry, blogging, marketing, technology and news... in no particular order - they are all great!

  1. Transparent Real Estate  - Pat Kitano blogs on real estate industry and technology issues.
  2. The Real Estate Tomato - Jim Cronin's blog is packed with blogging tips, advice and strategies.  RE Tomato also builds custom real estate blogs.
  3. The Future of Real Estate Marketing - Joel Burslem and contributors blog on real estate web 2.0 and marketing.
  4. Bloodhound Blog - Greg Swann leads the way with this popular, collaborative, cutting-edge blog on the real estate industry and more.
  5. Inman News - Brad Inman and the Inman Team provide real estate industry news, an informative blog, and network of real estate bloggers and professionals.
  6. Real Blogging - Another collaborative blog and real estate community with posts on key real estate topics.
  7. RSS Pieces - Real estate blog training, tips and another solution for a real estate blog platform.
  8. My Tech Opinion - Technology for Real Estate - A blog on all things techie as they relate to the real estate business.
  9. RISMedia - Articles on real estate news, industry, business development, technology and issues.
  10. The Future of Real Estate Technology - A blog focused on technology and real estate
  11. Real Estate Marketing Blog - A blog about real estate online marketing and blogging.
  12. Carnival of Real Estate - from the Zillow Blog Team - a real estate carnival is "a weekly summary of the best blogging posts on a given subject that appeared in someone’s blog during the previous week. A different blog hosts the carnival each week."

Share your favorites.  Post a comment to continue the conversation and the list...

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Real Estate Online Marketing Tips - Consider Joining These 3 Social Networks

Social networks, social bookmarking, Web 2.0, social media, blogging, wikis ... there's a lot to keep up with these days in terms of internet and online marketing strategies.

Here are 3 social networks I recommend joining to enhance your online presence, business networking and overall marketing plan.

  1. Active Rain - The largest real estate networking and blogging site for professionals.   Membership continues to grow at a record pace - as of today there are 77,952 AR members.  My blog posts on AR come up in Google keyword searches faster and higher than on this blog!

    Check out these posts from last year for more information on Active Rain:
  2. LinkedIn   Connect the people in your professional network with LinkedIn.

    From LinkedIn website

    LinkedIn is a place to find and leverage professional opportunities, now and throughout your career. LinkedIn enables you to:
      • Present yourself and your professional capabilities
      • Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates
      • Leverage powerful tools to find and reach the people you need
      • Build a powerful network of trusted professionals
      • Discover professional relationships and opportunities
      • Tap into inside connections and information
      • There are already 20 million professionals in the LinkedIn Network and that number is growing fast. Whether you seek a job, a hire, a reference, a sales lead, an expert, or an inside connection at one of 50,000 companies, LinkedIn is an irreplaceable resource for building your professional relationships and achieving your goals.

  3. Facebook -  Popular social network to stay connected with others.

    Use Facebook to…

    • Keep up with friends and family
    • Share photos and videos
    • Stay in touch with business associates
    • Reconnect with old classmates
    • Discuss interests and hobbies
    • Plan parties and other events - Affordable Online Marketing Solution for Personal Promotion and Real Estate Listings

Reshows is a wonderful, user-friendly and affordable solution for Virtual/Visual Tours for your listings. 

  • You pay $125 per year and get unlimited tours
  • Free 14 day trial - take it for a test drive
  • Use your digital photos to create Internet Shows in less than 5 minutes
  • Very easy to use - simple tutorials to walk you through the entire process
  • Create a 30 second (5 photos) or 60 second (9 photos) video
  • Create internet flyers and distribute free to Google Base, Oodle, Trulia, Zillow, Vast Hotpads, Geebo
  • Embed (post) your video on your blog, You Tube, craigslist

Real Estate Shows resources:   Blog       How to Videos

Think outside the box, get creative and use this technology to also:

  • create personal promotion and branding videos,
  • showcase community amenities and information,
  • send just moved announcements for buyers,
  • market  yourself as the niche or neighborhood expert, 
  • promote your success, recent homes sold or other accomplishments. for Online Marketing of Your Listings - Real Estate Agent Success Tools

vFlyer is an online service that enables you to create a standardized, professional-looking classified ad and post it to the leading classified websites.  You can also use vFlyer to distribute via:

  • email
  • Printable PDF format
  • Embedable widget for your blog
  • Posting to Craigslist
  • Zillow, Trulia, Google Base, Oodle, Lycos, Vast, Hotpads, Olx, and Geebo

Prices start at $12.95/month.

Vflyer Watch this 95 second demo video to see the power of this online marketing service.

The vFlyer blog has tips and marketing ideas on how to get the most from their product.

The Eleven Things Everyone Must Know About Earnest Money Deposits - Real Estate Agent Tips

Stevenkitnick_photo_2 Welcome Back to Guest Contributor:
Steven Kitnick

Earnest money is the deposit paid by a prospective Buyer as evidence of their "good-faith" intentions to complete the real estate transaction.  The Buyer is promising to be diligent in their efforts to fulfill the terms of the Residential Purchase Agreement ("RPA").  Additionally, if the Buyer and Seller agree, the earnest money deposit ("EMD") may also serve as a source of payment, and act as the Seller's sole legal recourse, as "liquidated damages," should the Buyer default, that is, fail to perform in accordance with the terms of the "RPA".

Earnest money deposits are not required for the creation of a valid and binding "RPA".  However, it is rare that a "RPA" does not include an "EMD".  The reason for this is that an "EMD" demonstrates to the Seller that the Buyer is serious about his/her offer. Although the amount of the earnest money deposit varies, it is usually enough to motivate the Buyer to take whatever steps that are necessary to perform as outlined in the "RPA" in the time-frame specified.

The general rule with respect to "EMD" is that the Buyer is entitled to a return of the "EMD" if the transaction does not close through no fault of the Buyer. Conversely, the Seller is entitled to the "EMD" if the Buyer breaches the "RPA".  However, when a real estate transaction fails, both the Buyer and Seller may claim a right to the "EMD". 

When a dispute arises here are The Eleven Things Everyone Must Know About Earnest Money Deposits (Nevada Law)

1.  The "EMD" may be deposited with an escrow/title company handling the transaction.  They are a neutral third party that follows the Buyer and Seller joint written instructions.

2.  The real estate brokers and their agents have no authority over the escrow/title company.  Thus, they have no authority to direct the payment of the "EMD" to either the Buyer or Seller.

3.  If the transaction is cancelled, the right to the "EMD" will depend on whether there was a default under the terms of the contract, and if so, who is the party in default.

4.  The "RPA" contains a default provision that everyone should be familiar with because it will dictate what happens in the event the Buyer or Seller defaults.

5.  Neither the escrow/title company nor the brokers or agents have the authority to decide who defaulted under the terms of the contract. Only a court of law can make that decision.

Continue reading "The Eleven Things Everyone Must Know About Earnest Money Deposits - Real Estate Agent Tips" »

Real Estate Agent Tips - Marketing Your Listings Online

Laptopbeach250 There are a ton of online services and tools available to post your listings and gain additional exposure for your sellers, generate new leads, promote your services and even sell some homes! 

I've been compiling a list of these resources since last year. 

Let me know if you have more to add and I'll keep the Online Resource Guide updated and posted.

Download marketing_your_listings_online.pdf

Online Listing Services:

Classified Ad Sites and Resources:


Visit to learn more about our coaching program and online training membership options. Your FREE, basic membership includes a complete real estate business-planning course and downloads.

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update - March 2008

In December I wrote a post entitled Understanding the Las Vegas Real Estate Market.  I listed a variety of recommended resources to educate yourself and ultimately your clients about current market conditions and trends.

Here are a couple more resources to bring you up to date on the Las Vegas Real Estate Market as of March 2008:

  • Equity Title recently produced a graph that defines past peaks and valleys in terms of pendings and contingents. The graph suggests the market is entering a time of great potential for those who are prepared. Pending and Contingent graph
  • Forrest Barbee’s Blog - Our Corporate Broker, Forrest Barbee, maintains a blog on Education, Training and Career Development. He posts a very informative monthly market update - Check out Las Vegas Market Update March 2008.
  • Here's the very informative Market Condition Report for March 2008 from Equity Title:

    Download MCR_MAR_2008.pdf