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2017 Year In Review For News, Trends, Pop Culture, Music, Movies

2017 was an emotional, whirlwind of a year.

Here's just a few of the memorable moments and events that impacted me the most...

  • Hurricanes, Floods and CA Wildfires (I was in Tampa during Hurricane Irma)

  • The Year of Women ...  taking a stand and speaking out
  • Las Vegas Mass Shooting (I am a resident of Las Vegas and my sister is a local Police Sergeant who worked the scene post shooting)

  • The Inaugural season of the Vegas Golden Knights.  The Knights had their home season opener on October 10th.  The city was reeling, still in shock and mourning from the massacre that left 58 dead and close to 500 wounded at the Route 91 Harvest music festival near Mandalay Bay.  What emerged from that tragedy was a more united, loving and caring community.  The Vegas Golden Knights honored the first responders and heroes at the home opener.  The hockey club continues to be a positive catalyst for the community displaying a never quit attitude in their performance and giving back to Las Vegas in all they do on and off the ice.  #GoKnightsGo




Google's Annual Year in  Search 2017


New York Times picks for the best of arts, style, travel and more in 2017

Twitter's most popular tweets, accounts, and hashtags of 2017


The Year in  NEWS

AP Top 10 Stories in 2017

  1. Sexual Misconduct
  2. Trump First Year
  3. Las Vegas Mass Shooting
  4. Hurricane Onslaught
  5. North Korea
  6. Trump-Russia Probe
  7. Obamacare
  8. Tax Overhaul
  9. Worldwide Terror Attacks
  10. Islamic State



FOX News


The Year in MUSIC

 I love the mashups of DJ Earworm and always include his annual mashup of the top pop songs of the year.

DJ EARWORM - A mashup of the 25 biggest U.S. hits during 2017


Bruno Mars - That's What I Like
Camila Cabello Featuring Young Thug - Havana
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)
The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This
Charlie Puth - Attention
DJ Khaled Featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne - I'm The One
Ed Sheeran - Perfect
Ed Sheeran - Shape of You
French Montana Featuring Swae Lee - Unforgettable
Future - Mask Off
Imagine Dragons - Believer
Imagine Dragons - Thunder
James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go
Kendrick Lamar - Humble.
Lil Uzi Vert - XO TOUR Llif3
Logic Featuring Alessia Cara & Khalid - 1-800-273-8255
Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber - Despacito
Migos Featuring Lil Uzi Vert - Bad And Boujee
Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still
Post Malone Featuring 21 Savage - Rockstar
Post Malone Featuring Quavo - Congratulations
Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road
Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do
Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay


 Billboard Year in Review 2017  

Billboard Top Songs 2017  YouTube Playlist


The Year in Movies 

Rotten Tomatoes Best Movies 2017 

Top Grossing Movies in 2017 




Celebrities who passed in 207 included Mary Tyler Moore, Tom Petty, David Cassidy, Sam Shepard and Roger Moore.  

CBS News montage and remembrance:

​Hail and farewell to those we lost in 2017


Time to Set Your Intentions and Focus for the New Year


Note: We recorded this video for end of 2016 and launch of 2017, however the content is timeless!  We highly recommend following the tips outlined below and in this tip on Celebrating Your Success at the end of every year to get you in the right mindset for business planning and goal setting for the new year! 


Download Intentions and Gratitude Journal template download so you can do the work!

Download Intentions Map and journal Template


Setting Your Intentions for (Insert New Year Here:)

The ancient art of Feng Shui teaches the power of intention. I have studied Feng Shui and applied its principles in my life and career and found it to be a powerful and fun way to set intentions and focus on what I want to create in my life. With that in mind, we designed the Intentions – Focus Map and Journal template to support you in setting clear intentions for the New Year. (Download button at the bottom of this post.)

Clarity is so critical in setting your intentions. Once you are clear, you can make a commitment to yourself to do it. Setting your intentions is about understanding what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to do it.

“Clarity accounts for probably 80% of success and happiness. Lack of clarity is probably more responsible for frustration and underachievement than any other single factor.  Your success in life will be largely determined by how clear you are about what it is you really, really want.”  – Brian Tracy


Use the Intentions Map to set your key focus and attention in all areas 

The bagua map of feng shui is traditionally used as an overlay for your living or office space. You can learn more about how to apply feng shui design and cures to your physical spaces by researching it online. For this strategy, we have adapted the map to use as a guide to nine key sectors of your life.

Reflect on the past year and do a review of each area. Take the time to stop, reflect and celebrate the successes of the past and not just focus on what you did not achieve. Ask and answer some or all of these questions to get you in the creative mind flow:

  • What did you accomplish?
  • What are you most grateful for in each area?
  • What are obstacles or challenges that got on the way?
  • What opportunities did you miss?
  • What lessons did you learn?

Now, set your intentions:

  • What is your primary focus for each area?
  • What new experiences do you want to have this year?
  • What action are you willing to take to move toward what you want?
  • Each of the nine areas has a key focus word. What is your focus word for that area?

MyIntentions_Focus - WBNL Coaching

Here are some further explanations of the nine areas and implementation ideas to get you started.

An Overview of the Nine Sectors

WEALTH (Prosperity – Power) What does prosperity and abundance mean to you? If it’s related to money/income then what does having it do for you? Does it bring more freedom? Security? What can or do you accomplish because you have abundant resources or money? What is truly important to you? Now be intentional in your focus for this area. Could you save “x” dollars per month? Or maybe you are ready to improve your business growth and success this year by taking the next step like hiring a business or life coachor hiring an assistant?

FAME (Reputation – Clarity) This area has to do with how the world sees you and your reputation. Could you start by giving your online presence a facelift or upgrade? How about a new business photo? Do you have a professional logo that reflects who you are as a business? How about enhancing your appearance with a new hairstyle or wearing some new colors that complement you?

RELATIONSHIP (Love – Partnership) This is the classic “love” area for romantic relationships however it is also for all kinds of relationships including business partnerships and clients. What one action in this area will move you toward your ultimate goal? If it’s finding a romantic partner, perhaps you can attend more social events or even try online dating.  How can you improve your business relationships or with your client database? It may be as simple as committing to more frequent face-to-face conversations. Remember, just one action or a shift in attitude in each area is all that is needed to get movement forward.

FAMILY (Community – Growth): Is there a relationship with one family member to improve? What one thing could you do that will enhance the relationship with your family? How can you get involved in your local community?

HEALTH (Balance – Well-Being): This is big focus for most of us. How about just committing to small actions in this area… walk a mile, drink “x” ounces of water or do a few minutes of yoga or stretching. How about 10 minutes of quiet meditation in the morning? You know what will work for you, but for the intention of this exercise, choose one action that you can accomplish each day without it being a burden.

CREATIVITY (Children – Joy): How can you nurture your own creativity and inner child with a fun hobby or an artistic pursuit that you can focus on? If you don’t have kids, can you volunteer with kids or spend time with nieces and nephews?  If you have kids, can you find new ways to bond and spend quality time with them?

KNOWLEDGE (Skills- Self-improvement): Always be learning! What skill(s) or training do you want to focus on this year? Is it for business or career? Is there a particular book to read, online class or live course you can attend for self-development?

CAREER (Life Path – Purpose): It’s always a good time to refine and focus on your business and life plan. And, hopefully you have a detailed business plan and goals already… if not we can help! For this exercise, again keep it it small and actionable.  Will you hand out business cards to people you meet today? Start a mailing list with a monthly newsletter?

TRAVEL (Helpful People- Compassion):The focus for this area is travel but also attracting helpful people into your life. Maybe you are searching for a mentor or mastermind group? How much do you give to others in the spirit of selfless service? How do you support and give back to your clients in business? Can you think of a way to give more to others?  Do you have specific travel intentions and plans for the new year? List them – where do you want to go, with whom and when?   Adventure awaits… just get up and get out! Let us help inspire you with your next travel adventure. Visit –

Use the Journal Template to record your activity for the day.

  • What did you accomplish?
  • Did any obstacles, excuses or challenges came up for you?
  • How do you feel?
  • Record your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • We have also included an area to record what you are grateful for on this day.


Visit to learn more about our coaching program and online training membership options. Your FREE, basic membership includes a complete real estate business-planning course and downloads.


Stop and Reflect then Celebrate your Success in the Past Year


In our 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry, we consistently observe that most driven and success-minded individuals have a tendency to focus on what they haven't achieved yet.  They are always moving on to the next goal or challenge without stopping, however briefly, to acknowledge the victory or success in the moment or in the reflection of the past year. So, as you fine-tune your goals and your business plan for a successful new year, we encourage you to take some time to reflect on the previous year with a focus on the positives. 

Conduct a review of the previous year by writing down every success, win, and positive thing that you experienced - both big and small.

Get the Worksheets for this Coaching Tip!   
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Use the questions listed below (and on the Worksheet download) as a guide to help you get started. Just write it all down - stream of consciousness - no matter how seemingly insignificant.  Just write it down.  Once you start writing, you'll be surprised at how much you really have to celebrate!



TIP:  Review your calendar for highlights. Go to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter timelines to jog your memory, as we tend to post positive events and milestones on social media.

  • List all your accomplishments, wins, victories, successes in the past year.
  • List all moment of joy and gratitude.
  • What did you do this year that you are really proud of?
  • What do other people in your life have to say about what you did, accomplished, and contributed? Client testimonials or reviews? Did you receive a personal note or card?
  • Who came into your life and/or business this past year that really made a positive impact on you?
  • What did you love most about your business this year?
  • What did you love most about your personal life this year?
  • What did you do this year that moved you toward your goals? Personally and Professionally

Turning any negatives into positives and challenges into opportunities

  • What did you NOT love about this year?
  • What didn’t work so well this year?
  • What time or energy sucks did you run into that were not supportive or positive?
  • What opportunities did you miss?
  • What lessons did you gain from any setbacks, challenges or obstacles?
  • How are you going to integrate any learnings into your future goals and the coming year?



Let us introduce a simple and effective model to take action TOWARD what you want to accomplish in the new year while also letting go of anything that no longer serves you. It's called START-STOP-CONTINUE.    Ask yourself and then write down the answers to these 3 questions:

  1. What would you like to START doing the year?
  2. What do you want to STOP doing?
  3. What are you going to CONTINUE doing?

Create a Start-Stop-Continue Action Plan for your business and personal life. Next week we will revisit how to set Your Intentions & Focus for the New Year.

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