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vFlyer.com for Online Marketing of Your Listings - Real Estate Agent Success Tools

vFlyer is an online service that enables you to create a standardized, professional-looking classified ad and post it to the leading classified websites.  You can also use vFlyer to distribute via:

  • email
  • Printable PDF format
  • Embedable widget for your blog
  • Posting to Craigslist
  • Zillow, Trulia, Google Base, Oodle, Lycos, Vast, Hotpads, Olx, and Geebo

Prices start at $12.95/month.

Vflyer Watch this 95 second demo video to see the power of this online marketing service.

The vFlyer blog has tips and marketing ideas on how to get the most from their product.

Real Estate Agent Tips - Marketing Your Listings Online

Laptopbeach250 There are a ton of online services and tools available to post your listings and gain additional exposure for your sellers, generate new leads, promote your services and even sell some homes! 

I've been compiling a list of these resources since last year. 

Let me know if you have more to add and I'll keep the Online Resource Guide updated and posted.

Download marketing_your_listings_online.pdf

Online Listing Services:

Classified Ad Sites and Resources:


Visit www.WBNLCoaching.com to learn more about our coaching program and online training membership options. Your FREE, basic membership includes a complete real estate business-planning course and downloads.

Understanding the Las Vegas Real Estate Market

Educate Yourself and Your Clients About the Las Vegas Real Estate Market.  Adjusting to the real estate market is critical to a successful real estate business.  Now more than ever it is essential to stay informed and updated on the trends, statisitics and historical data impacting our real estate market.  Have you updated your Listing and Buyer Presentations with this critical information?  Are you comfortable explaining the real estate market and helping your seller price their property to sell?

Current supply and demand clearly shows that active listing inventory is approximately 14% overpriced on average - educating real estate agents and sellers to this point is a process and the issue at hand.  The good news - we are seeing signs of increased buyer activity and sales.  Of course the strong Las Vegas economy and job growth also supports a recovery hopefully sooner rather than later compared to other markets in the country.

Where to find - Las Vegas Real Estate Market information:

Read these posts for some more great information on utilizing current stats and market data:

Gaining  Perspective & Getting a Better Handle on Pricing and Value by Mark Stark

Las Vegas Real Estate Market December 2007 by Forrest Barbee

How to Easily Use Video and Multimedia to Market your Listings and You!

Istock_000001098270xsmall_2 For Real Estate Professionals, there are a variety of video services to promote your listings, your services, create client testimonials, educate your clients, and more.

RealEstateShows.com  Use your own digital photos to create video tours of properties or commercials - $125/year, unlimited use, easy to use

VirtualTourStore.com  The next generation in custom virtual tours and webmercials from local real estate professional Steve Matthews.

TurnHere.com   Full service internet video solution provider

WellcomeMat.com  Put your place on the map - users can upload video, send us video tapes for upload, or hire a videographer

YouTube.com  Use your own video camera or hire someone to do it for you and post one YouTube.  You can embed the video in your blog

Blinkx.com  Another site to upload and display your videos, video search engine   

Blip.tv  A free service to host your video show or series - for those more serious videobloggers

Vimeo.com Upload and share your videos online      

TubeMogul.com A free service that provides a single point for deploying uploads to the top video sharing sites, and powerful analytics on who, what, and how videos are being viewed.   

Slide.com  Free service to make your own slideshows and share online

Slideshare.net A service to post and share presentations and embed them in your blog/website


Mastermind Groups Part 2

In the first article on mastermind groups, I covered the What and Why.  Now, let's discuss who it would benefit and how to get it started. 

Who could benefit from participating in a mastermind group?  The short answer is everyone.  That is, anyone who is really serious and committed to the group and its purpose. Some established networking groups may also provide some of the benefits of a mastermind.  For example, LeTip and BNI are two business networking organizations that are primarily focused on giving and receiving qualified referrals and business tips.  Toastmasters is another excellent organization comprised of local clubs that develops your public speaking and leadership skills.  Brian Buffini Clubnet members can get involved in small group meetings.

Noexcuses_2Locally, at Prudential Americana Group, REALTORS is Las Vegas, we have a major success story to share. The "No Excuses" mastermind group just celebrated their second year together at a recent luncheon at the Triple George Grill  in downtown Las Vegas.  No Excuses formed two years ago at the Green Valley branch office of at the suggestion of the sales manager.  The group is Mark Sivek, Marie Soucy, June Tegtmeier and Linda Stegall.

The group invited executives of Prudential Americana to celebrate their success.  Pictured from far left to right:  Diane Dutton, CFO, June Tegtmeier, me, Linda Stegall, Mark Sivek, Marie Soucy, Mark Stark, CEO, Lisa Waldeck, Exec Asst to George Bruns (far right), COO.

No Excuses takes the mastermind group serious and means just that - there are no excuses for not being at the meeting!  The group meets every Wednesday and focuses on building inventory knowledge through previewing properties (their own listings included!) and new builder and mid/high rise projects.  They always have an agenda and rotate group leader responsibilities.  Each member of No Excuses will tell you the experience has been a contributing factor to their individual success.  The benefits have been tremendous... support and sharing of different points of view; building confidence; self-education and increased market knowledge to name a few.  And, most importantly - they have fun!

How can you get started?  Read my post on  Mastermind Groups .  Contact any member of No Excuses for feedback (no, they are not considering additional members!).  Just click on the links above to their individual websites for contact info.  Here are some additional resources from a google search I found useful:
Article:  How to Create and Run A Mastermind Group

Just Do It!  Find some like-minded, committed individuals and meet.  Take the initiative and personal responsibility and you will soon enjoy the rewards of the master mind.

The Power of Mastermind Groups

Joining or starting a Mastermind Group is a powerful, creative and supportive strategy to implement for your business and personal development.  I highly recommend reading two excellent books that include information about masterminds. 

The first book is the classic by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. Chapter 10 is entitled "The Power of the Master Mind."  Hill defines the master mind as "coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose."  Hill also discusses the two characteristics of a master mind - one economic and the other psychic.  The economic advantage is obvious... "Economic advantages may be created by any person who surrounds himself with the advice, counsel, and personal cooperation of a group of men who are willing to lend him wholehearted aid, in a spirit of perfect harmony."  The psychic characteristic deals with the basic understanding that the human mind is a form of energy.  "When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through the alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the group."

The second book I recommend is The Power of Focus: How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Absolute Certainty by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt.  The authors outline 4 main action steps to make the idea of a mastermind group a reality.

  1. Select the Right People.  Limit the group to 5-6 people.  Choose people who  are likely to create synergy - ambitious, open-minded, goal-oriented individuals who have a positive outlook.
  2. Everyone must make a commitment.  This is critical to the success of the group.  Commitment means showing up physically, mentally and emotionally.  It also means participating and contributing.  The real benefits emerge when there is a high level of trust among the members and an environment that allows everyone to share.
  3. Decide where, when, how often and for how long you want to meet.  Some groups meet weekly others monthly - it's up to all to you. Choose a location where you won't be interrupted or distracted.  Make an agreement to turn off cell phones during your meeting.
  4. What will you talk about?  Here are some considerations and suggestions: Always have an agenda.  Start and stop the meeting on time and stick to the agenda.  Elect and rotate the responsible party for the meeting. Ideas for content include success stories, recent challenges and resolutions, specific topics as it pertains to your business, individual goals, tip/resource of the week.

The key benefits to being a part of a mastermind group include:

  • Mutual support of each other (emotionally, personally, and professionally)
  • Sharing of ideas, information and experiences
  • Continuous self-education
  • Discussion on meaningful topics and challenges
  • Accountability!

Part 2 of the Mastermind post will share more ideas and examples of who and how.