12 Ways to Reduce Your Risk & Liability in Real Estate

Do you have a risk reduction plan for your real estate business?  In this post, we outline 12 strategies or best practices to consider adopting to reduce your liability and help manage the risk of potential litigation as well as complaints filed with the state real estate licensing entity or your local REALTOR Association.


  1. Develop and use standard procedures with everyone.  Review fair housing rules and treat all prospects, customers and clients honestly, fairly and equally.

  2. Keep a communication log during your transaction.  Record your notes, conversations, milestones.  If red flags are raised during the transaction or you encounter challenges, it is particularly important to record the pertinent facts and events.  If you are using a paperless transaction management system, scan and upload all of your notes, emails and correspondence for your transactions.

  3. Use email to confirm conversations, verbal agreements, proof of delivering copies of contracts and addenda.  If your clients don't use email, then mail copies of all the contracts and documents they sign via certified or registered mail or us an overnight service like Fedex.
    Note: If you and your client prefer communicating via text, make sure to take a screen capture of important texts regarding the transaction. Or better yet, follow-up the text with an email to document the notification or important communication.

  4. Keep a record of your transaction including all paperwork, emails and correspondence. Create a file on your computer (or use a cloud-based program like Dropbox or Evernote) and a folder in your email program to organize your correspondence and documents.  Archive your closed transactions (including your emails and other correspondence) and store them in your transaction management system, Dropbox, Evernote, and/or a backup drive.

  5. Rule of 3 – always recommend three vendors, contractors, attorneys, lenders, home inspectors, home warranty companies, etc.  Consider creating a disclosure with the companies and service providers you recommend and having your clients sign and acknowledge the choices you presented.

  6. Always recommend and explain the benefits of a home inspection and a home warranty to your clients.  Get a written waiver if they choose not to.

  7. Disclose...Don’t Diagnose.  Be the source of the source.  Stay within the boundaries of your area of expertise (real estate contracts, sales and marketing). Leave the analysis and diagnosis of any potential defect, issue or concern to the appropriate expert or contractor.

  8. Educate & set the proper expectations with your clients and customers. For example:
    • Explain the entire short sale process; pros and cons of purchasing a short sale
    • Review earnest money and what happens with a cancelled sale
    • Conduct a seller and buyer interview/qualification with all clients

  9. When working with buyers, make sure your buyer is ready, willing and able to purchase.  If getting a loan, have they started the approval process with a lender?  If they are a cash buyer, do they have proof of funds?

  10. When working with sellers, ensure they are ready, willing and able to sell.  Conduct a thorough consultation prior to listing to ensure they are motivated to sell and realistic in pricing the property. With short sale sellers, ensure you have the sellers complete the short sale packet and all documentation before you list the property.

  11. Use a transaction checklist or service action plan to stay on top of all the tasks and procedures in a real estate transaction from initial contact to the successful closing of escrow.  Include any due diligence and contingency deadlines.

  12. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate… often and with all parties to the transaction!  Return phone calls and emails promptly.


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Real Estate Team Builder: http://realestateteambuilder.com/

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Six Guideposts for Life & Business Success

In this post, we share six strategies with actionable tasks and resources to guide you toward life and business success.


1. Know Your Why

What is your big WHY – your Purpose? When you discover with complete clarity your WHY, then you have uncovered the absolute secret to success for your life and business. You are at your best when your heart (passion) and mind (attitude) are in alignment and connected with your true path and purpose. This is true in your personal life as well as with your business. When they aren’t aligned, there is always a degree of dissatisfaction and unrest.

12 Signs that Your Are Living Your Passion – Your Life Purpose

  1. You lose track of time.
  1. You smile and laugh more.
  1. What you are doing does not feel like “work”. It brings joy and a true sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  1. You trust your heart and your instincts and act on it.
  1. You really light up and become animated when you talk about what you do.
  1. Your friends and loved ones notice the shift and either support you unconditionally or you may actually find they react in a negative, unsupportive fashion.
  1. Everything just flows better and more effortlessly. Synchronicities happen. You find yourself meeting the right people at the perfect time.
  1. You feel truly alive. You are inspired all the time.
  1. You find the courage to take the risks necessary for growth and to move forward.
  1. You no longer feel like you are selling out for a paycheck. Your income and purpose are in alignment.
  1. You no longer have that nagging feeling that something is missing in your life.
  1. You are enjoying the journey (living in the now) and know it’s not about the destination. It’s about the relationships and shared experiences along your path.

  Questions for self-reflection on your current situation, business, or focus area:

  • Why did I choose this business?
  • Why do I want to stay in business for myself?
  • Why do I want to grow my business, increase my income?
  • Why do I want to systematize my business?
  • Why do I want to improve my health?
  • Why do I want to spend more quality time with my kids, spouse, others?
  • Why do I want to ….. ____________ ?
  • Why is all this so important to me?
  • By the way, it’s never really about the money. It’s about what the money will allow you to do, what it will bring to your life and for your family.

  Questions & Exercises to Help You Discover Your True Passion/Purpose

  • What are your natural strengths, skills, talents?
  • Take a look at past work, career choices – what did you like? Dislike?
  • What do people ask you to help them with?
  • What activities really bring joy and fulfillment in your life?
  • Who inspires you most? Why?
  • What causes do you strongly believe in and connect with?
  • What would you do if… you only had one year to live? unlimited resources and money at your disposal?

  Your Eulogy Exercise Using the questions below, write your eulogy.

  • What do you want your eulogy to consist of?
  • What would your lifetime achievements be?
  • What would matter the most at the end of your life?
  • What will be your legacy?
  • What do you want o be remembered for?
  • What stories will friends and loved ones recount about you and your impact on them?

Is it what you are doing right NOW?  If not, why not?  What is standing in you way or holding you back?

2. Have a Plan

Know Your Desired Outcomes.   

Commit to a written Business and/or Life Plan with clearly defined, vibrant goals.

Are you aligned and connected with your true passion and purpose? A business plan and set of accompanying written goals is meaningless and not effective without clarity and alignment with your true passion.

Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.

  • S    Specific; Simple
  • M   Measurable; Meaningful to You
  • A    As if Now; Achievable; All areas of your life
  • R    Realistic; Responsible
  • T    Timeframe; Toward What You Want 


3. Take action

Be willing to do what it takes to accomplish your outcomes.  Be consistent in your actions and build the positive habits. Practice leads to mastery.

Small Steps
Any movement or action, no matter how small, toward what you desire is all it takes to build momentum and achieve results.

Focus on what you want (not on what you don't want). Create a Success Action Plan that outlines the action steps (tasks and habits) to move you toward your desired outcome.

Business Examples Use your business plan to create your daily, weekly, monthly ACTION PLAN.  These action plans will outline the income-producing activities, and other tasks you are committed to, in order to achieve your desired outcomes. Review and stick to your Action Plan DAILY!

  • Write your Action Plan on index cards and keep one with you
  • Put it on your mobile device in an app that you use frequently
  • Take a photo of it and make it your lock screen
  • Put one in front of your day planner
  • Post it in your workspace
  • Tape it to your bathroom mirror and review it daily
  • Review and record your results daily also

Income producing activities include:

  1. Make ______ contacts daily
  2. Send ______ personal notes weekly
  3. Add _______ people to your database weekly or monthly
  4. Contact _____ FSBOs weekly
  5. Contact ______ Expireds weekly
  6. Hold ______ effective open houses weekly/ monthly
  7. Mail or email to your SOI/Past clients valuable market information monthly
  8. Mail or email to your designated farm of ______  properties monthly
  9. Door knock/ door drop _________ houses monthly
  10. Take ____ past client to lunch monthly
  11. Network with ____ business to business referrals monthly
  12. Hand out 5-10 business cards, 5 days/week and actively ask for business or for permission to add them to your database

Life Plan Examples Use the WBNL Intentions Map & Journal template

  • Choose 1-2 areas of your life to focus on now
  • Set your intention for those areas by committing to the one action that when you do it consistently will make the most positive impact on your desired outcome
  • Here are some ideas:
  • 10-15 minutes of walking
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • 1 conversation or phone call with a prospect, customer
  • Write or journal for 10 minutes
  • Exercise, yoga, stretching for 15 minutes

Business/Career Ideas:

  • Handout one business card and have one conversation about real estate or your business
  • 1 new person added to your database
  • One connection daily with someone in your database


4. Measure & Track Your Results

Be accountable!  You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  Identify the method for determining achievement of your goal/outcome and track your progress.  An excellent tracking system will allow you to make necessary course corrections and adjustments as well as gage your overall success.

Business: The WBNL Business Plan integrates tracking and measurement tools

  • Reconcile Your Monthly Budgets
  • Track Your Production & Escrows

Life: Apps for tracking goals, health, fitness, and well-being


5. Be Open to Change

Change is constant and requires you to remain flexible and adaptable. Embrace change – don’t fear it. There is always opportunity when circumstances or your environment changes. Find those opportunities and act on them right away instead of being reactive.

Be flexible.  The Law of Requisite Variety states that the person or system with the most flexibility of behavior will control the system and eventual outcomes. Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence. 

Be in control of your mindset (attitude).  Choose to be in a powerful, positive state. Take Personal Responsibility for your actions. Choose the “cause” side of the equation - be the victor not the victim - take personal responsibility for your actions.

Be aware of your constitution, health and physical well-being.  Ingest healthy, nutritious foods that uplift you and give you energy. Moderation is the key!


6. Ask for Help!

Collaborate. The journey is so much more fun and enjoyable when you share it with others.

Hire someone – a coach, consultant, mentor, expert, professional – to assist you in reaching your desired outcome(s).  The right person can offer a third party perspective; provide necessary guidance, accountability and expertise.

Find an accountability partner. Form or join a mastermind group to support each other’s goals and commitments.  


Call Your Clients on Important Dates (Birthdays, Home Anniversaries)

Do you have a system in place to contact your clients on important dates like birthdays and home anniversaries?


I want to suggest that making a birthday or home anniversary personal call can be more impactful and meaningful than a text, card or social media post.  Or perhaps consider doing a combination of connections will be a best practice for some of you.  The point is – do something to acknowledge important dates in your client’s lives.

I recently celebrated a birthday and confirmed my observation over the past couple years that as a society, we rely more and more on technology to stay connected.  It is true that feeling the Facebook and LinkedIn birthday love was great.  I had over 200 Happy Birthday wishes, some from folks I don’t even know:)   But here is what’s interesting.  I received exactly 3 texts, 2 birthday calls, and four birthday cards.  While the texts and birthday cards were special, I want to talk about the two calls and the stories behind them to drive home my coaching tip today about the forgotten power of a personal phone call.

One of the calls was from my former employer, Mark Stark, CEO/Owner at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona/California/Nevada Properties.  I’ve known Mark since 1993 when I worked at the then Prudential Americana Group.  In 2009, I departed to pursue other dreams and goals.  One of the most amazing things Mark has been doing as CEO for all these years is to call everybody in his organization on their birthday.  I mean he calls everybody on their actual birthday without fail.  That’s a lot of calls considering Mark’s Arizona, California, and Nevada firms total nearly 2,000 real estate sales executives (that’s not including employees).  Now, here is the best part of this story … Mark has been calling me every June 4th to wish me a Happy Birthday even though I haven’t worked with him since 2009.  Now that’s IMPACTFUL and special.

The second call was from my good friend, collaborator and fellow coach David Squier.   David also used to work with Mark and Prudential Americana Group.  He recently told me he adopted a long time ago Mark’s practice of calling everyone on their birthday and how it has made such an amazing and positive impact on his business.  He gets remarks from his clients frequently about how he is one of the few if not the only person who actually called to wish a happy birthday.

Create Your System to Make it Happen!

  1. You must collect the important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and home purchase anniversary.  Ask your clients for the information during your transaction or provide a form at the closing or just before. Don’t have a form for that?  Here’s one you can download, revise and use for your business:  Client_Infomation_From
  2. Next, you need to enter this data into a trusted system, calendar or CRM that will remind you who to call each day.
  3. Finally, you must commit to making the calls on the actual dates.  That means time-blocking every day that you have a birthday or other calls and making the calls.  Leave a voice mail message if you don’t get an answer.  And when the person does answer the call, you will have an excellent opportunity to wish them a happy day and to possibly catch up.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you don’t send a text or card or even do the social media HBD post.  I am merely recommending that to really stand out these days, the good old-fashioned phone call might be something that makes a bigger impact to your clients.  I, for one, know that it did for me.

Wait, What?  You aren’t using a great CRM?

Having a solid follow-up system is Real Estate Gold!  If you do not have a CRM, you need to do some research to see what platform will be best suited for you.  We are fans of Top Producer.  It has been a staple in the industry for decades and has evolved with the times.  In fact, it is still one of the best on the market.

It makes remembering birthday and other important dates easy. When you add a birthday (anniversary, etc) you can select how many days before to be reminded.  It will show up on the Dashboard under Important Dates – That way you never miss the moment!



Top Producer, TopProducer.com (starting at $ 39.95/mth for the CRM)

To learn more about Top Producer 8i Suite of Tools, contact:

Colin Burton | Top Producer
Direct:  888-547-5331
Mobile:  778-960-5331

The Power of Hand-Written Personal Notes

When was the last time you received a personal, hand-written note in the mail?  If you are like me, you still have it! Writing personal notes is one of the most impactful and least expensive ways to connect to people and grow your business.

Here are the top reasons why you should include writing personal notes as a daily success strategy for your business:

  1. Personal Notes are always opened and read
  2. They leave a lasting impact
  3. Personal, written note cards can make someone's day
  4. They help you build and deepen the quality of your connections and relationships
  5. Personal notes make you really stand out from your competition


Who do you write notes to and when:

  • Write notes to current and past clients and your database
  • Family and friends
  • Send notes to vendors and other business partners
  • Send a personal note for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Send a thank you note to show gratitude and appreciation to someone for something they did or that impacted you
  • Want to meet someone or connect with an influencer/mentor - try a hand-written note!
  • A personal hand written note should follow every call, even when only leaving a message
  • After a meeting or event
  • After receiving a referral (not when you get the deal:)
  • Before, during or after a transaction

A common excuse people give for why they don't write personal notes is “my handwriting is too sloppy” or "I don't know what to say".  Taking the time to send a note is a thoughtful and personalized way to show others how important they are to you.

Our recommendations on how to implement this powerful practice and get the best results:

  • Write the note in the moment - immediately after the interaction or when the feeling
  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Use a blank card so you can hand write a personal message
  • Always have a supply of blank note cards, envelopes and stamps on hand
  • Consider using colored ink (not black) so it is obvious that it was hand written
  • Hand address the envelope with both the destination address and return address
  • Use a stamp that draws attention

Commit to writing and mailing at least 1 note every day!



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How to Build a Real Estate Team - 12 Power Tips for Teams and Brokers

For many years, Real Estate Teams have been a growing segment of the industry. Clearly the acceptance of this segment in the industry has changed, as proven by the recently distributed “The Real Estate Teams Playbook” developed by RealTrends, BoomTown!, dot loop, and ERA Real Estate.  It is an interesting read and is packed with great information for people who are interested in jumping into Team Building.

At WBNL Coaching, we  have always believed that the industry would trend in this direction so we developed Real Estate Team Builder, a turn-key program, that not only coaches Team Leaders and Brokers through the basics of the process but gives them the structure and foundation to make their Real Estate Team profitable for the long term.

In this post, we have linked the entire 12 Tip Video series on How to Build a Profitable Real Estate Team for your convenience. Click on the link to the post to watch the video tip and get all the additional information that goes along with the video.  

You can also watch this team building series on our You Tube Channel.




 Visit the WBNL Coaching  You Tube Channel to watch the Real Estate Team Building Tips Series

Go to  www.RealEstateTeamBuilder.com to learn more about our Real Estate Team Builder turn-key system.


We also provide a wide selection of other real estate and business coaching programs that are designed with the agent in mind to help you build a successful career with real life instruction on how to implement and execute.  You can learn about the other products and services provided by WBNL Coaching below:


Download Our Template to Set Your Intentions and Focus for the Year

The ancient art of Feng Shui teaches the power of intention. I have studied Feng Shui and applied its principles in my life and career and found it to be a powerful and fun way to set intentions and focus on what I want to create in my life. With that in mind, we designed the Intentions – Focus Map and Journal template to support you in setting clear intentions for the Year. 

Clarity is so critical in setting your intentions. Once you are clear, you can make a commitment to yourself to do it. Setting your intentions is about understanding what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to do it.

“Clarity accounts for probably 80% of success and happiness. Lack of clarity is probably more responsible for frustration and underachievement than any other single factor.  Your success in life will be largely determined by how clear you are about what it is you really, really want.”  – Brian Tracy

Use the Intentions Map to set your key focus and attention in all areas.  

Reflect on the past year and do a review of each area. Take the time to stop, reflect and celebrate the successes of the past and not just focus on what you did not achieve. Ask and answer some or all of these questions to get you in the creative mind flow:

  • What did you accomplish?
  • What are you most grateful for in each area?
  • What are obstacles or challenges that got on the way?
  • What opportunities d you miss?
  • What lessons did you learn?

Now, set your intentions:

  • What is your primary focus or the each area?
  • What new experiences do you want to have this year?
  • What action are you willing to take to move toward what you want?
  • Each of the nine areas has a key focus word. What is your focus word for that area?

The bagua map of feng shui is traditionally used as an overlay for your living or office space. You can learn more about how to apply feng shui design and cures to your physical spaces by researching it online. For this strategy, we have adapted the map to use as a guide to nine key sectors of your life. Here are some further explanations of the nine areas and implementation ideas to get you started.

MyIntentions_FocusA F

A Review of the Nine Sectors

  1. WEALTH (Prosperity – Power) What does prosperity and abundance mean to you? If it’s related to money/income then what does having it do for you? Does it bring more freedom? Security? What can or do you accomplish because you have abundant resources or money? What is truly important to you? Now be intentional in your focus for this area. Could you save “x” dollars per month? Or maybe you are ready to improve your business growth and success this year by taking the next step like hiring a business or life coach or hiring an assistant?
  2. FAME (Reputation – Clarity) This area has to do with how the world sees you and your reputation. Could you start by giving your online presence a facelift or upgrade? How about a new business photo? Do you have a professional logo that reflects who you are as a business? How about enhancing your appearance with a new hairstyle or wearing some new colors that complement you?
  3. RELATIONSHIP (Love – Partnership)This is the classic “love” area for romantic relationships however it is also for all kinds of relationships including business partnerships and clients. What one action in this area will move you toward your ultimate goal? If it’s finding a romantic partner, perhaps you can attend more social events or even try online dating.  How can you improve your business relationships or with your client database? It may be as simple as committing to more frequent face-to-face conversations. Remember, just one action or a shift in attitude in each area is all that is needed to get movement forward.
  4. FAMILY (Community – Growth): Is there a relationship with one family member to improve? What one thing could you do that will enhance the relationship with your family? How can you get involved in your local community?
  5. HEALTH (Balance – Well-Being): This is big focus for most of us. How about just committing to small actions in this area… walk a mile, drink “x” ounces of water or do a few minutes of yoga or stretching. How about 10 minutes of quiet meditation in the morning? You know what will work for you, but for the intention of this exercise, choose one action that you can accomplish each day without it being a burden.
  6. CREATIVITY (Children – Joy): How can you nurture your own creativity and inner child with a fun hobby or an artistic pursuit that you can focus on? If you don’t have kids, can you volunteer with kids or spend time with nieces and nephews?  If you have kids, can you find new ways to bond and spend quality time with them?
  7. KNOWLEDGE (Skills- Self-improvement): Always be learning! What skill(s) or training do you want to focus on this year? Is it for business or career? Is there a particular book to read, online class or live course you can attend for self-development?
  8. CAREER (Life Path – Purpose): It’s always a good time to refine and focus on your business and life plan. And, hopefully you have a detailed business plan and goals already… if not we can help! For this exercise, again keep it it small and actionable.  Will you hand out business cards to people you meet today? Start a mailing list with a monthly newsletter?
  9. TRAVEL (Helpful People- Compassion):The focus for this area is travel but also attracting helpful people into your life. Maybe you are searching for a mentor or mastermind group? How much do you give to others in the spirit of selfless service? How do you support and give back to your clients in business? Can you think of a way to give more to others?  Do you have specific travel intentions and plans for the new year? List them – where do you want to go, with whom and when?   Adventure awaits… just get up and get out! Let us help inspire you with your next travel adventure. Visit – WanderingButNotLost.com 

Use the Journal Template to record your activity for the day.  What did you accomplish?  Did any obstacles, excuses or challenges came up for you?  How do you feel?  Record your thoughts, feelings and actions.  We have also included an area to record what you are grateful for on this day.

  • My Intentions and Focus Map
  • Intentions Journal Template

Get support and guidance on aligning and connecting your intention and purpose in both your life and business.
Schedule a complimentary 30-minute coaching session today to find out more.

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Real Estate Coaching Bonus Tip for 2017 - Ask for Help!


Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Collaboration with like-minded people has so many benefits including accountability, mutual support, creativity and fun. The journey is so much more fun and enjoyable when you share it with others.

  • Hire someone – a mentor, coach, consultant, expert, professional – to assist you in reaching your desired outcome(s).  The right person can offer a third party perspective; provide necessary guidance, accountability and expertise.
  • Find an accountability partner.
  • Form or join a mastermind group to support each other’s goals and commitments.

To enjoy lasting change and success, all you need is the…

  • Desire to change
  • Decision to take action
  • Discipline to practice new behaviors
  • Determination to persist until you get results

  INDIVIDUAL 1 on 1 COACHING from WBNL Coaching

  • Option 1: 3-HOUR COACHING PACKAGE ($555)
  • Option 2: 10–HOUR COACHING PACKAGE ($1500)

In addition to the one-on-one sessions you will receive:

  • Membership in the Wanderers Club for the duration of the coaching package
  • Complete Real Estate Business System Assessment of your current systems with strategies and feedback
  • Detailed action plan emailed to you after each coaching session
  • Supporting documents, forms, and resources to facilitate the implementation of business systems based on your priorities
  • Supporting material and processes for personal and/or team performance enhancement

WBNL Enterprises Explore Our World

Go to www.wbnlcoaching.com/coaching for more info 

Real Estate Tip #10 for 2017 - Get Up and Get Out More Often

At WBNL Coaching, we believe that getting up and getting out is an important part of reaching alignment and connection. In order for you to fire on all cylinders you need to have an open mind & be refreshed so that you are ready to take on the world. When you have truly identified what you love to do a magical thing can occur. Work and play can become synonymous. We’ve found that most of the best ideas occur when you allow yourself to get away from your office and computer. Move around, get inspired by nature, take a hike – do whatever leisure time activity you enjoy.

Americans are notorious for not taking enough time off. It is a part of the corporate structure that is stifling creativity and productivity. Block out time in your schedule to get away and take a break. It will recharge you and you’ll find that you are happier, more rested, and more eager to get back to work.

Some ideas to Get Up & Get Out!

  • Just move your body
  • Yoga
  • Daily exercise routine
  • Stretching exercises
  • Walking meditations
  • Walking meetings
  • Watch a sunset or sunrise
  • Take a daily walk
  • Participate in sports
  • Connect with nature
  • Go for a hike
  • Schedule and take vacations
  • Do more weekend getaways
  • Take a day to go explore and have fun
  • Need some inspiration and travel insights? Visit http://wanderingbutnotlost.com/

WBNL Enterprises Explore Our World

Visit our Family of Websites

Real Estate Tip 9 For 2017 - Hire an Assistant

Hiring the right people for the right positions in your organization is a cornerstone to success for all business owners. We believe that you can double your income when you hire and effectively utilize the right assistant for you. Get access to our free, recorded workshop where we share our turnkey hiring and onboarding system for attracting, hiring and retaining the right administrative support staff for you. http://wbnlcoaching.com/hiring-downloads/

  • How to know when you are ready to hire an assistant
  • Create job descriptions for administrative and other assistants
  • Example ads and where to run them
  • Licensed vs. Unlicensed assistants Compensation plan examples
  • The pros and cons of independent contractor vs. employee
  • Our step-by-step hiring guide and onboarding system
  • How to conduct an effective interview
  • Tools, apps and systems for managing tasks and projects
  • Keys to training, managing and retaining your perfect staff members

Get these FREE downloads: http://wbnlcoaching.com/hiring-downloads/

  • (Word doc) – Sample job postings/job descriptions
  • (PDF – Business System Assessment)
  • (Excel) Task 7 Procedures Guide
  • (PDF) – Workshop Slide Deck


WBNLBusinessBuilder.com WBNL Coaching Business Builder program, designed as a turn-key solution to expanding your business through hiring and training an assistant so that you can focus on the money making priorities of your business. Through a combination of our online library, one-on-one coaching, and actual written systems (including a complete operations manual template) we are confident that you will be on the right path.


Ready to Build a Successful Team? Let us guide you every step of the way to implement the Real Estate Team Builder system. We have done all the work – all you need to do is customize the procedures and documents for your business and market. Our turnkey, complete team building system includes all of the materials, supporting documents, checklists and manuals along with the step-by-step implementation training delivered via our on-demand video coaching platform.

Visit www.RealEstateTeamBuilder.com to learn more about our “Team Building in a Box” system to build your profitable real estate team. Here is what you’ll receive:

  • Online, On- Demand Real Estate Team Builder Training
  • Lifetime Access to the Recorded Videos and Documents
  • Complete Package of (111+) Documents, Admin Forms
  • Real Estate Team Builder Procedures Manual
  • 90 Day Onboarding & Agent Training Manual
  • Team Project management, accountability, communication system


Real Estate Tip 8 for 2017 - Use Tracking & Accountability Tools


Time Block to Stay Focused & On Track

The primary goal with time-blocking is to carve out blocks of time to commit to the most important activities in your day and week. The schedule represents what your week would look like in a perfect world for you and your business. Of course, the trick is sticking to your commitments and not allowing interruptions, distractions or something else deter you from doing the activity you have scheduled.

Time-blocking tips

  • Use primary categories to guide you to scheduling the key areas for you and your business.
  • We recommend scheduling “Prospecting” time in the mornings. In our coaching experience, this is the area many people tend to not stay committed to completing.
  • If you erase, you must replace! That means if you decide you will work with a client when you have prospecting scheduled, and then you must reschedule that time block somewhere else in the week.
  • Avoid the tendency to multi-task when you are in one of your time blocks. You will be more efficient and get better results if you stay focused on the task at hand. For example, schedule 30-minute blocks for social media daily 5. Just knock it out. Stay on task and don’t get distracted with other tasks on your to do list.

Main categories to color code and schedule

Personal-Family Time Schedule your personal -family time and day(s) off first!

  • Day(s) Off
  • Workouts
  • Meditation or other morning rituals
  • Breakfast and prep for the day

I.P.A. – Income-Producing Activities

  • Prospecting
  • Follow-up
  • Client Appointments
  • Networking Events
  • Client lunches and pop-by’s

S.A. – Support Activities

  • Admin tasks
  • Paperwork
  • Training- Workshops- Webinars
  • Office Meetings
  • Prep work-research
  • Social Media
  • Team Meetings- Accountability


Business Planning Tracking & Measuring Tools

We created a comprehensive and easy to implement online course to support you in Setting Your Goal Setting and Creating Your Real Estate Business Plan.



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  • Goal Writing Package (fillable PDF)
  • Personal Budget (excel)
  • Business Budget (excel) (excel)
  • Income & Expenses Statement
  • Success Action Plan (fillable PDF)

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