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WBNL Coaching Launches with a Unique Path to Gaining Clarity in Your Business and Personal Life

 WBNL Coaching, a fresh new take on coaching and training, has launched with a philosophy that alignment and connection, tied closely with basic business practice, set a tone that anyone can follow to prosperity. The company's initial course curriculum focuses on helping Real Estate agents increase their business; however the unique techniques guiding their coaching can help any business owner gain clarity.

Co-founders, Jan O’Brien and Matt Emerson have reimagined Coaching, Training, Management, and Real Estate and have put together programs that can help people gain clarity on the direction that will best meet their vision. “It all starts with getting in alignment,” says Jan, “When a person can truly identify the path that they want to take it all becomes much easier. I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and helped them clearly understand how they can maximize their activities.”

Alignment and Connection lead to Prosperity. The company offers a variety of different coaching formats; live one-on-one coaching programs, free membership courses and online sessions, in-house training sessions tailored to personal or company’s needs, and their paid membership platform – the Wanderers’ Club - that offers live online coaching, and archive of relevant training, ongoing sessions, member discounts on materials, merchandise and future WBNLCoaching Adventures.

WBNL Coaching provides a free basic membership which includes immediate access to their Business Planning Course. 

About WBNL Coaching
WBNL Coaching is the Business and Life coaching and training branch of Wandering But Not Lost Enterprises. We are a team of heart-centered, like-minded, coaching professionals who empower people, like you, who want to discover and realize their full potential. 

Free Business Planning Course included with Basic Membership.

Services include: Personal Coaching, Online Training Courses, Live Online Discussions and Group Coaching, Monthly Webinars.

“Connection is also a key factor to one’s success,” added Matt, “It is critical that you tie your vision to your everyday actions. At WBNL Coaching we encourage people to get up and get out. We’ve found that most of the best ideas occur when you allow yourself to get away from your office and computer. Move around, get inspired by nature, take a hike – do whatever activity you enjoy. It will open your mind and you will find that you are more happy, healthy and ready to get to work.”

Introducing Heart | Mind | Business Coaching & Training Company

Dear friends, associates, past clients and new clients:

Post Update:  Company name change announcement: read The Magic of Being Connected & Aligned

FREE: WBNL Coaching Real Estate Business Plan Online Course and Downloads

My passion has always been to inspire, empower and educate others to discover and achieve their full potential.  I have had the opportunity to do just that throughout my life as a business coach, speaker and trainer in a variety of career positions and affiliations with large companies.

My burning desire – that deep calling that never really goes away - has been to make the transition from the corporate world to running my own successful coaching and training business. I took that plunge in 2009 with O’Brien Consulting Services where I focused on real estate agent and team coaching as well as social media consulting.

Here’s what I discovered.  It’s not fun and empowering to work solo.  I vowed that when the day came that I would launch my own business again, it would be a collaborative effort.  I envisioned a company of heart-centered, like-minded professionals who work together to positively impact the lives of our clients.

Well, that day has arrived. Every experience and every person along my path has prepared me for this next exciting step in my journey and fulfillment of my life’s purpose.  I am truly grateful for those experiences, friendships and opportunities to grow.

I am thrilled to announce that I have made that leap of faith into the world of small business ownership by founding HMB Coaching, LLC.  Heart Mind Business Coaching is a real estate, business, life coaching and training company providing both personal, one-on-one coaching and online, on demand training and virtual coaching. 

HMB Coaching: Align and Connect Your Heart (passion) and Mind (attitude) with Your Business.

It’s all about understanding your passion and attitude then connecting those elements with the path that will lead you to success. 

We designed our programs for real estate professionals, agents who are building a team, brokers, managers and business owners in any industry.

Our coaching interest list is forming now!

Join the list and be among the first to know about the actual launch date for HMB Coaching (currently scheduled for September 2015).  You will also get notified of the limited time, introductory pricing and how to become a charter member of HMB Coaching.

As we continue to build our coaching and training platform, we have created an initial site to tell you more about who we are and what we do. 


Get on the list and download the free Real Estate Business Plan and customizable templates to guide you through creating powerful goals and a written business plan to keep you on track to success.

You are filled with unlimited potential.  At HMB Coaching we will partner with you to unlock your heart and mind so that you can focus, stay on track, and truly enjoy your personal and business journey.  There is no doubt that when you love what you do, it isn’t really work; you are more positive and feel more alive.  In the end isn’t it really about that feeling of satisfaction that you have exceeded your wildest expectations? That you have no regrets? That you have more personal time for family and friends?  We think so too – let’s get to work!


Jan O’Brien

Founder, HMB Coaching, LLC



RealTech Conference in Las Vegas on April 17, 2014 - Future of Real Estate and Technology

Join me at this year's RealTech conference in Las Vegas at the Riviera on April 17th.  I am one of the featured speakers...

Finding WIN-WIN-WIN Solutions with MLS technologies and data-handling

Control of MLS data and Listing syndication continue to be a controversial and highly debated topic in our industry. As consumers continue to demand more meaningful data and a better user experience online, what can we do as brokers/agents, associations and technology companies to work toward that outcome?

Get 50% off of  normal ticket prices - just use promocode SPEAKER50. Currently, tickets are selling for $199.


Last year, over 350 brokers and agents from all over the country came to San Francisco for RealTech 2013 to hear great speakers and see new startups talk about the latest technologies in the real estate industry. Brought to you by Reesio, RealTech 2014 is expected to draw over 500 brokers and agents, and promises to be an even bigger and better event.

Included in each ticket price are the following:

  • General Admission pass to see all speakers and all exhibitors.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snack Breaks, and Cocktails fully included.

  • Access to special hotel room rate at The Riviera for only $45/night.

They have an all-star lineup of speakers from some of the top companies in the industry who will share their expertise about real estate tech with you. This is a must-attend event for brokers and agents looking to grow their business and to utilize the latest technologies in doing so.


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Real Estate News and Recommended Articles June 11-21, 2012

Here is a recap of some newsworthy headlines and articles from around the real estate industry, business tips, and social media marketing:

Good News for the Housing Market, June 14, 2012 from Bloomberg Businessweek
Home prices and sales are on the rise. Shadow inventory is shrinking quickly. Foreclosures are up In May, banks filed to foreclose on 205,990 properties—a 9 percent increase during April, according to RealtyTrac.  Borrowers are building more equity in their homes.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, 6-12-12  from FastCompany
Track Your Time, Picture the Perfect Morning, Think Through the Logistics, Build the Habit, Tune Up as Necessary

Google Docs series from Frugyl.com.  I love and use Google Docs for sharing, collaborating and storing docs.

Google+ is Finally Coming to Flipboard, June 19, 2012 from Business Insider.  I'm a big fan of Flipboard as an APP to have all my favorite media, news and blogs in one location to read, review and share on my social media sites.

GSE foreclosure starts increase for first time since 2010, June 15, 2012 from Housing Wire

Delinquency Rate Increases Again, Overdue Mortgages=5,569,000: LPS June 20, 2012 from DSNews.  

The total number of properties 30 days or more days past but not yet in foreclosure was about 3,542,000 while the number of properties in foreclosure inventory totaled 2,027,000. The number of properties that are seriously delinquent, or 90 or more days past due, but not yet in foreclosure was approximately 1,575,000.

Prices to Gain by 2% in 2012 and 5% in 2013: Capital Economics June 21, 2012 from DSNews

The US Housing Market Analyst for Q2 2012 speculated that modest recovery in the housing market will not only continue for the rest of the year, it will spread and cause an increase in house prices. The recovery will spring from positive valuations and investor activity, the report said.

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3.8% Tax to go into Effect in 2013 Applies to Investment Income for Upper Income Taxpayers

Incorrect information and rumors abound online regarding the so-called "3.8% Medicare Tax."

The 3.8% Tax is NOT a Transfer Tax on Real Estate Sales

Here is NARs explanation of the tax that will go into effect in 2013:

The health care legislation enacted in 2013 included a new tax that was designed to affect upper income taxpayers. The 3.8% tax is imposed ONLY on those with more than $200,000 of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) ($250,000 on a joint return). The tax applies to investment income, defined as capital gains, dividends, interest payments, and, for those who own rental property, net rental income. These items are all included in an individual's AGI. A formula will determine what portion, if any, of these types of investment income would be subject to the tax.

The tax is NOT a transfer tax on real estate sales and similar transactions. Not long after the tax was enacted, erroneous and misleading documents went viral on the Internet and created a great deal of misunderstanding and made the tax into something far more draconian than the actual provisions.

The new tax does NOT eliminate the benefits of the $250,000/$500,000 exclusion on the sale of a principal residence. Thus, ONLY that portion of a gain above those thresholds is included in AGI and could be subject to the tax.

REALTORS® should familiarize themselves with the tax, but should not advise their clients about the application of the tax. The amount of tax will vary from individual to individual because the elements that comprise AGI differ from taxpayer to taxpayer.

The 3.8% Tax Real Estate Scenarios & Examples Download brochure from NAR

 Source: National Association of REALTORS®


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Realty ONE Group Grand Opening of new Green Valley Branch is February 14, 2012

 Please Join Us in Celebrating our GRAND OPENING of the new Green Valley Branch location!


WHEN:      Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WHERE:   Green Valley Office
                        2831 St. Rose Pkwy. #100
                        Henderson, NV 89052

TIME:       12pm - 6pm (Lunch at 12pm followed by Ribbon Cutting at 1pm)

View Larger Map

Join us for a meet & greet from 2pm - 4pm and cocktail party from 4pm - 6pm. 

Come celebrate as we all toast to Realty ONE Group's newest luxurious 12,000 sq. ft. office.

This Valentine's Day mark your calendar to attend this Grand Opening Celebration!   



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VA Loans and Veteran Homeownership in Nevada

Downtown Las Vegas as seen from the Stratosphe...Image via Wikipedia

When Congress created the VA Home Loan Guaranty program in 1944, Las Vegas would have been unrecognizable compared to the city it has become today. Now, thanks to the federal government’s generous subsidized home loan program, military homebuyers have the ability to use a Nevada VA loan to purchase a home in Nevada. Because of their great terms, VA loans are popular among military members and have aided more than 19 million Vets in purchasing a home.

After picking out a home in Las Vegas, buyers must consider their financing options. Two things that are central to choosing a financing option are down payment requirements and interest rates. Military buyers in Las Vegas will be happy to learn that VA loans keep both far lower than traditional loans. In fact, in the VA loan program, homebuyers seldom make a down payment.

Interest rates are competitive in Nevada VA loans, too. It’s important to know that the VA does not issue loans, but guarantees up to 25 percent of each loan against an unlikely default. With the VA’s backing, VA-approved lenders like VA Mortgage Center and other national lending leaders take on less risk. Thus, they are inclined to provide lower interest rates to qualifying military personnel.

Other savings through a VA loan include lower closing and concession costs, no private mortgage insurance and no prepayment penalty. The latter two are especially helpful in saving military homebuyers money on a repeated basis. Not all the perks focus on saving money, though. For instance, the program comes with services to help borrowers when they are about to default on a loan (although to be fare, this doesn’t occur often with VA borrowers). Nevertheless, it’s nice to have a helping hand if you find yourself in a tight spot.

Additionally, Nellis Air Force Base is located just a few miles to the north, so Las Vegas is a great city for active-duty service members to look for a home. Interest rates are capped for active-duty personnel, so buying property near or at Nellis could be especially beneficial as the housing market continues to rebound. The VA loan limit in Nevada is the standard $417,000, allowing homebuyers to finance up to 100 percent of a home worth that much.

A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is the first thing you need to get a Nevada VA loan. Via the VA website or a VA-approved lender, COEs affirm that you meet the qualifying terms for the program.

Generally, people who may qualify fall into one of three categories:

-Military members who served on active duty for 181 days or 90 days during peacetime or wartime, respectively.

-Reservists or members of the National Guard who served for at least half a dozen years.

-Spouses who have not remarried and survived their husband or wife who died in the line of duty or because of a service-related injury.

This post comes to you from James Kelley, an author of vabenefitblog.com and law school student at the University of Missouri. 


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NAR & HUD Launch Home Buying Videos at 2010 Convention

At the NAR Annual Convention this month, NAR and HUD unveiled three videos to help prospective homeowners shop for a home, shop for a mortgage and understand the closing process. 

HUD’s videos are available from both HUD and NAR’s websites as well as from HUD’s YouTube channel.

Shopping for your Home – The homebuying process obviously starts with finding a place you’ll want to call home. This short video will instruct viewers on assessing how much of a home you can afford, working with a real estate agent and what happens once you find the home you want to buy. Housing counselors can assist home buyers and home owners on issues such as home buying, fair housing, credit issues, and foreclosure prevention.



Shopping for your Loan – Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, the next step is to shop for a mortgage loan. This video will help consumers use the good faith estimate (GFE), which is a form that spells out the terms of a loan offer, to shop for the best loan for them. Consumers will learn how to use the GFE to determine how long an interest rate is available for a particular loan and how to identify key loan terms and costs of a particular loan offer. HUD suggests consumers shop and compare GFEs from multiple mortgage brokers and/or lenders in order to get the best loan for their situation.


Closing the Deal – Finally, this video walks consumers through the actual closing process including how to make sure the loan they were offered closely matches what they encounter at the settlement table. In particular, HUD will walk the viewer through the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and demonstrate ways consumers can compare their actual costs with those reflected on their Good Faith Estimate.

Are you a Las Vegas area homeowner facing a possible foreclosure and wanting to learn more about your options?  Contact Us Today for a no obligation Las Vegas short sale consultation.

Jan O’Brien is an expert with the Las Vegas short sale process.   She is the co-author of the Certified Foreclosure Alternatives Consultant designation course.   Call Jan direct at 702-858-9191 to schedule a Foreclosure Alternatives Consultation today.

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Las Vegas Real Estate Professionals: Become a Certified Foreclosure Alternatives Consultant (CFAC)Check the schedule for upcoming class dates.


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NAR Amends Code of Ethics to Include Sexual Orientation as Protected Class

During the November 2010 National Association of Realtors (NAR) annual meeting in New Orleans, NAR’s delegate body voted to amend the NAR Code of Ethics to include sexual orientation as a protected class. The amendment to Article 10 of the REALTORS® Code of Ethics was passed in a roll-call vote by a greater than 9-to-1 margin.

Here is the amended language of Article 10 (additions are underlined):

REALTORS® shall not deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or sexual orientation.

REALTORS® shall not be parties to any plan or agreement to discriminate against a person or persons on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or sexual orientation.

REALTORS®, in their real estate employment practices, shall not discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or sexual orientation.

A related recommendation amending Standard of Practice 10-3 was approved as well:

REALTORS® shall not print, display or circulate any statement or advertisement with respect to selling or renting of a property that indicates any preference, limitations or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or sexual orientation.


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