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3 Character Keys to Real Estate Success

After 14 years as a salesperson, broker-manager, trainer and coach in the real estate industry, I've found that the top agents in this business have certain traits.  Top sales people are driven, risk-takers, independent, success-oriented, and entrepreneurs.  They also share the following 3 key characteristics:  a great work ethic (they show up and work their plan), unwavering perseverance and a positive, can-do attitude or mindset.


a.  Goals - The end to which all effort is directed.

  • Clearly defined, vibrant written goals in all areas of your Life (Spiritual, Business/Career, Family/Relationships, Financial, Personal)
  • Write them down and review daily
  • Turn priority goals into affirmations
  • Measure your goals -  You cant improve what you don't measure
  • Use visual goal boards

b.   A Written Business Plan

  • Goals
  • Personal & Business Budgets
  • Listing & Sales Goals / Action Plan

c.  Consistency

  • Implement Effective Systems
  • Be Intentional & Specific with your actions
  • Do the ordinary tasks with such consistency it becomes extraordinary
  • 30 days = Habit Change; One Year = Lifestyle Change

2.  PERSEVERANCE - Continued and patient effort. It only comes through the struggle of life.  What comes out on the other side of perseverance is always gold.

a.  Commitment  People who persevere make no provision for anything but success

b.  Accountability - Get a coach or accountability partner

c.  Great Salespeople Figure It Out!

Perseverance leads to maturity, which leads to confidence, which leads to results, which leads to a high self-esteem.


a.  Personal Responsibility

  • A positive mental attitude is a process not an event
  • Everyday you have a choice about your attitude
  • Everyday, be prepared to play
  • Become the Best You; Be the Role Model; Deliver Excellence

b. Good Stuff In.  Good Stuff Out

  • Listen to positive, powerful tapes & CD's (Zig Ziglar calls it Auto University)
  • Read more books - watch less TV

c.  Power of Affirmations & Visualization

  • 20 Minutes of daily prayer / meditation
  • Read your affirmations daily
  • Visual your desired outcomes

You are what you are, and where you are because of what's gone into your mind.  You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.  We definitely have a choice in what we see & read.  - Zig Ziglar

For things to change, you've got to change.  For things to get better, you've got to get better. - Jim Rohn

Things do not change; we change. - Henry David Thoreau

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.  -Napoleon Hill