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How to Write Powerful Goals, Pt 1

Many people start the new year with “resolutions” ranging from working out to losing weight to quitting a bad habit. I, for one, don’t believe we need to wait until the dawning of the new year to get motivated and take action toward a desired goal. I also prefer to use the term goal or outcome not resolution. So, the first step is to set aside some quality time to work on your goals for the year. Download this Goals Worksheet to assist you in writing your desired goals/outcomes. Download keys_to_an_achievable_outcome.doc Here are some key questions to answer for creating... Read more →

5 Principles of Success

1. Have a Plan. Know Your Desired Outcome. A Written Business Plan with clearly defined, vibrant goals. Make your goals S.M.A.R.T. S Specific; Simple M Measurable; Meaningful to You A As if Now; Achievable; All areas of your life R Realistic; Responsible/Ecological T Timeframe; Toward What You Want 2. Take Action. Be willing to do what it takes to accomplish your outcome. Master behavioral flexibility. The Law of Requisite Variety states that the person or system with the most flexibility of behavior will control the system. 3. Measure & Track Your Results. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Identify... Read more →

Keys to Success in Real Estate Team Building

Building a successful and profitable team is truly an art as well as a science. The initial priority considerations are hiring talented individuals for your key staff positions and implementing effective business and real estate systems. Read more →

RISMedia Article on Blogging

This article entitled, If You Blog It, Will Leads Follow? from RISMEdia is a good overview of why blogging has become a necessary tool to use for increasing your marketing presence, establishing your brand, building relationships with your client base and positioning yourself as a market expert. Some blog basics include being clear about the goal of your blog, committing to posting frequently and promoting your blog. Read more →

The Secret Movie 30 Day Challenge

Andy Wibbels, author of the excellent book on blogging (Blogwild) is sponsoring The Secret Movie 30 Day Challenge. Andy is a self-proclaimed "Secret Skeptic" and ranted on the Secret movie on this blog post. I actually agree with some of his points - specifically that it takes more than a wish to manifest what you want - it takes action, hard work, determination, a plan and a burning desire for it. So, I love that he is promoting this challenge to manifest what you want in 30 days - it's not too late to start! Just click here to get... Read more →

3 Character Keys to Real Estate Success

After 14 years as a salesperson, broker-manager, trainer and coach in the real estate industry, I've found that the top agents in this business have certain traits. Top sales people are driven, risk-takers, independent, success-oriented, and entrepreneurs. They also share the following 3 key characteristics: a great work ethic (they show up and work their plan), unwavering perseverance and a positive, can-do attitude or mindset. 1. WORK ETHIC a. Goals - The end to which all effort is directed. Clearly defined, vibrant written goals in all areas of your Life (Spiritual, Business/Career, Family/Relationships, Financial, Personal) Write them down and review... Read more →

Mark Stark Conference Call on Culture

Here's an audio file of a recent conference call by Mark Stark, CEO and Owner Broker of Prudential Americana Group, REALTORS. The topic is Culture. Mark drives home the main point that Culture is simply People! A company is only as good as its people - It only is its people. He elaborates on how to create a positive, fun, productive, caring, supportive, 100% responsible, make results happen culture. Read more →

"Billion Dollar Agent" Book Reviewed

Here is a great article from Inman News entitled "Become a billion-dollar agent: Real estate's new standard for success." The article by Bernice Ross is discussing the book by Steve Kantor "Billion Dollar Agent - Lessons Learned." Some of the highlights of the article and book: Build your business on your passion and delegate everything else Get a strong support team Have written goals Take time to "work on" your business rather than just "working in" your business (E-Myth Revisited) Billion dollar agents are "hunters" - active prospecters Be creative in leveraging your systems Be a voracious learner Get a... Read more →

Expert on Forming Corporations to Speak at March 12 Coaching Session

Bonnie Simon of Corporate Credibility, LLC will be our guest speaker on Monday, March 12. Bonnie is certified as an instructor for continuing education in Nevada nad her course on corporations is the only one of its kind in Las Vegas. Bonnie can be reached at 702.336.6300 or Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, Corporate Credibility can help you answer them and find out which entity is appropriate for you and your business. Should I incorporate? And if so, which entity is best for my business? Which entity will allow me to cut my Self... Read more →

"Team Building 101" Group Coaching set for Monday, March 12

The first group coaching session for team building is scheduled for Monday, March 12, 1-4 pm at the Equity Title Training Center (Tenaya/Flamingo). Here's what we will be covering in Session 1: Team Building 101 - How to Run a Profiable Business What is team building? Why do I want to build one? The team building model and philosophy The four successful components of any business Team Leader Agreement & company policy Hiring key players - Team Manager & Admin Support Your Team Vision, Mission& Core Values Defining your Unique Value Propostition (UVP) for your clients and your team Establishing... Read more →

Group Coaching for Team Building Announced

I am pleased to announce I'll be facilitating monthly Group Coaching and Networking sessions starting Monday, March 12 at the Equity Title Training Center, 4035 S Tenaya off Flamingo. The sessions will start at 1:00pm and are scheduled until 4:00pm. The format will be approximately 1 to 2 hours of instruction, coaching, strategies for 5 sequential topics supporting "Building Your Own Brokerage/Team" at Prudential Americana Group. The final hour will be dedicated to networking, brainstorming, sharing best ideas and practices. All agents who are currently building a team, team mangers, of those interested in learing about team building our welcome... Read more →