"Team Building 101" Group Coaching set for Monday, March 12
"Billion Dollar Agent" Book Reviewed

Expert on Forming Corporations to Speak at March 12 Coaching Session

Bonnie Simon of Corporate Credibility, LLC will be our guest speaker on Monday, March 12.  Bonnie is certified as an instructor for continuing education in Nevada nad her course on corporations is the only one of its kind in Las Vegas.  Bonnie can be reached at 702.336.6300 or bsimon@cc4yourco.com.

Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, Corporate Credibility can help you answer them and find out which entity is appropriate for you and your business.

        • Should I incorporate? And if so, which entity is best for my business?
        • Which entity will allow me to cut my Self Employment tax in half?
        • Which entities will protect my business in case of a personal lawsuit?
        • Are there any advantages to incorporate my business in Nevada or Delaware?
        • What deductions can you take as a corporation that you cannot take as a sole proprietor, or are there any?

Download group_coaching_course_descriptions.doc for all the details of the class and schedule of future coaching sessions.