5 Principles of Success
How to Write Powerful Goals, Pt 2

How to Write Powerful Goals, Pt 1

Many people start the new year with “resolutions” ranging from working out to losing weight to quitting a bad habit.  I, for one, don’t believe we need to wait until the dawning of the new year to get motivated and take action toward a desired goal.  I also prefer to use the term goal or outcome not resolution.  So, the first step is to set aside some quality time to work on your goals for the year.  Download this Goals Worksheet to assist you in writing your desired goals/outcomes.  Download keys_to_an_achievable_outcome.doc

Here are some key questions to answer for creating achievable and powerful goals or outcomes.

  1. What specifically do you want?  Stated in the positive, present-tense, as if you already have it.  Clearly defined, vibrant, written goals in all areas of you life.   (Spiritual, Personal, Family, Business, Financial, Fun-Hobbies-Travel)
  2. Where are you now in relation to the desired outcome?
  3. What will you see, hear, feel, etc when you have it?
  4. How will you know when you have it
  5. What will this outcome get for you or allow you to do?
  6. Is it only for you?  Or is it for others also?
  7. Where, when, how and with whom do you want it?
  8. What do you have now, and what do you need to get your outcome?
    Have you ever had or done this before?
    Do you know anyone who has?
    Can you act as if you have it?
  9. For what purpose do you want it?
    What will you gain or lose if you have it?

See: How to Write Powerful Goals, Pt 2

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