The Power of Mastermind Groups
Three Types of People and How They Fit in the Real Estate Business

Mastermind Groups Part 2

In the first article on mastermind groups, I covered the What and Why.  Now, let's discuss who it would benefit and how to get it started. 

Who could benefit from participating in a mastermind group?  The short answer is everyone.  That is, anyone who is really serious and committed to the group and its purpose. Some established networking groups may also provide some of the benefits of a mastermind.  For example, LeTip and BNI are two business networking organizations that are primarily focused on giving and receiving qualified referrals and business tips.  Toastmasters is another excellent organization comprised of local clubs that develops your public speaking and leadership skills.  Brian Buffini Clubnet members can get involved in small group meetings.

Noexcuses_2Locally, at Prudential Americana Group, REALTORS is Las Vegas, we have a major success story to share. The "No Excuses" mastermind group just celebrated their second year together at a recent luncheon at the Triple George Grill  in downtown Las Vegas.  No Excuses formed two years ago at the Green Valley branch office of at the suggestion of the sales manager.  The group is Mark Sivek, Marie Soucy, June Tegtmeier and Linda Stegall.

The group invited executives of Prudential Americana to celebrate their success.  Pictured from far left to right:  Diane Dutton, CFO, June Tegtmeier, me, Linda Stegall, Mark Sivek, Marie Soucy, Mark Stark, CEO, Lisa Waldeck, Exec Asst to George Bruns (far right), COO.

No Excuses takes the mastermind group serious and means just that - there are no excuses for not being at the meeting!  The group meets every Wednesday and focuses on building inventory knowledge through previewing properties (their own listings included!) and new builder and mid/high rise projects.  They always have an agenda and rotate group leader responsibilities.  Each member of No Excuses will tell you the experience has been a contributing factor to their individual success.  The benefits have been tremendous... support and sharing of different points of view; building confidence; self-education and increased market knowledge to name a few.  And, most importantly - they have fun!

How can you get started?  Read my post on  Mastermind Groups .  Contact any member of No Excuses for feedback (no, they are not considering additional members!).  Just click on the links above to their individual websites for contact info.  Here are some additional resources from a google search I found useful:
Article:  How to Create and Run A Mastermind Group

Just Do It!  Find some like-minded, committed individuals and meet.  Take the initiative and personal responsibility and you will soon enjoy the rewards of the master mind.