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The 5 C's of Team Success (RISMedia article review)

I enjoyed this article by Paul Rutter from RISMedia today entitled, "The 5 C's of Team Success.".  The article adresses teamwork from the perspective of a company and how the management team can build a winning team using the 5 C's.  Of course, these principles apply to building success with your team - your own brokerage within a brokerage.

  1. Build COMMUNITY - This starts with the leadership team always.  A new member to the team/company must feel welcomed and feel a part of the group immediately.  Do you have a system of welcoming and acknowledging a new team member?  Some ideas:  a welcome card mailed to their home: get their bio and background and publish it in your next meeting agenda: introduce them at a sales meeting.  Assign a transition buddy to help with questions and orientation to the office.  Conduct a formal branch/team orientation.
  2. Encourage COOPERATION - Do you have common goals for the team/office and is everyone aware of them?  Do you encourage participation in meetings?  How about asking a team member to run the next team meeting or conduct a training class?  Do you have a feedback mechanism in place - suggestion box, advisory board, forum?
  3. Support COORDINATION - Ensure everyone is clear about expectations, job performance and specific roles and responsibilities.  What are your methods of communication?  Team/sales meetings, email, website/blog/intranet, written documents?
  4. Promote COMMUNICATION - Clear, open, two-way communication is vital to any realtionship and organization.
  5. Offer continuous COACHING - Everyone benefits from ongoing coaching and training.  It's more than accountability - it's a way to relate to your team members and show how much you care about and support their individual success.

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