Team Building Systems Overview
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Review of Group Coaching Sessions 1 & 2

Here's an update on Our Group Coaching Session & Discussion Forum series.  In our first session, we covered Keys to Success in Team Building, the components of a successful business, and business & financial basics.  Outlined below are the key points on business & financial basics.  See the specific blog posts for details on team building theory and components of a successful business.  I am currently editing the audio of the second session on Real Estate Systems and starting a series of blog posts this week to cover each system individually.

  • The five successful components of any business
    1. Know Your Desired Outcome
    2. Measure & Track Your Results 
    3. Take Action
    4. Operate from a Physiology and Psychology of Excellence
    5. Ask for Help
  • Business & Financial Essentials
    • Establish yourself as a corporate entity (including your license)
    • Begin establishing routine financials (Profit & Loss; Balance Sheet)
    • Utilize a recognized software package (Quickbooks, Peachtree, etc.)
    • Utilize a financial consultant (CPA preferred)
    • Establish a separate business banking account and credit card
    • Create a dashboard of metrics measuring your operations health

In the second group coaching held on April 23rd, we had an excellent small group breakout session on 4 of the key systems:  SOI/Past Clients; Farming; Listings; Buyers.  Download GroupNotes4_23_07.doc  for the best ideas from the discussion groups.