Top 10 Real Estate Team Leader Best Practices
Review of Group Coaching Sessions 1 & 2

Team Building Systems Overview

Over the next several weeks, I will be completing a series of posts on how to establish effective team building and real estate systems.  The focus will be on how to first implement the system for your personal business. This information will benefit all real estate agents whether you are or plan on building a team.  I will also discuss how to create a team version of each system.  One of the keys to success in building a team is to have easily, duplicatable real estate systems that your team associates can simply plug in to - plug 'n' play - don't reinvent the wheel. 

Here are the major systems we will be focusing on (one by one) over the next several weeks:

  1. Business Systems Assessment & Financial Essentials
  2. Team Vision, Mission, Values & UVP
  3. Team Branding, Marketing & Promotion
  4. Team Organizational Chart 
  5. Team Building Admin Basics
  6. Team SOI/Referral System
  7. Team Listing System
  8. Team Buyer & Escrow System
  9. Team Farming System
  10. Team Business Plan & Goal Setting
  11. Lead Generation & Follow-up Systems
  12. Recruiting/Affiliation System