Why Blog? - How to Blog Series
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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating a Blog

Here  are some considerations and questions to ponder before you launch in to the world of blogging.

1.  Are you committed to posting on a regular basis?  Weekly at a minimum - to several times per week?  There are many, many abandoned blogs in the blogosphere.  It's pointless to start a blog if you are not willing to commit the time and effort to keep it current.

2.  Do you have something to say? to contribute? Do you enjoy writing?

3.  Can you provide compelling, valuable content for readers?

4.  Do you read other blogs?  Are you familiar with who is saying what about your industry, market, niche, interest?  Have you checked on the competition in your area?  Who is blogging and what are they saying?  How can you differentiate yourself from other blogs?

5.  Do you have an existing website with articles, content and information you can link to from your blog?

6.  Are you involved in the blogosphere?  Do you participate?  Comment on other blogs?  Are you a part of any online group or forum discussion?  Have you checked out Active Rain?  (See My post on Reasons to Join the Active Rain Real Estate Network for more information).  This is not a critical component to becoming an effective blogger.  I have simply found that participating in the community of bloggers helps me stay on top of trends and what works!

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