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Think and Grow Rich - The Original Version Restored and Revised

I recently received an email from Ross Cornwell who is the editor of “Think and Grow Rich!” (subtitled) “The Original Version, Restored and Revised”. This book is truly THE classic self-help, inspirational, and success book of all time. If you are going to read only one book on this subject - make it Think And Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill's classic started it all and has influenced just about every author and book written on the subject since then. Think and Grow Rich was one of the first books I read that greatly impacted me personally and professionally. It started me... Read more →

Free Inspirational Movies; Motivational Products -

I was meeting with my good friend and fellow coach, Joel Smith of Mindset Dynamics, last week and he introduced me to a great website with motivational and inspirational videos and products. I viewed the movie 212 degrees and loved the message... One extra degree (...of effort, activity, belief, focus, perservance...) makes all the difference in the world. In all of my years in business, I've never seen such a simple way to explain the difference between good and great. It will only take 3 minutes of your time to watch it but here's a warning...Once you watch'll be... Read more →

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating a Blog

Here are some considerations and questions to ponder before you launch in to the world of blogging. 1. Are you committed to posting on a regular basis? Weekly at a minimum - to several times per week? There are many, many abandoned blogs in the blogosphere. It's pointless to start a blog if you are not willing to commit the time and effort to keep it current. 2. Do you have something to say? to contribute? Do you enjoy writing? 3. Can you provide compelling, valuable content for readers? 4. Do you read other blogs? Are you familiar with who... Read more →

Why Blog? - How to Blog Series

There are many good reasons to create and maintain a blog... these are my top 6: 1. Relatively easy and cost-effective web solution Don’t need to be a “techie” to create a blog Real time, fresh, relevant content Easy to maintain and post There are many free blog platforms Your time and commitment is the main resource needed 2. Create higher Search Engine Rankings Blog posts are coming up more and more frequently in search engines Again…fresh, relevant, keyword specific content is the key! Your blog can be an extension of your website – have a link to your primary... Read more →

How & Where to Find Blogs - How To Blog Series

There are a variety of Blog Search Engines to assist you in search of blogs on your favorite subjects. Two of my favorite sites are: Technorati and Google Blog Search. Search tip for Technorati: Type in the keyword(s) of what you are looking for in the search bar. Let's say you were looking for blogs about "Real Estate Coach". After you type in "real estate coach" in the search bar - you will be directed to recent posts that are "supposedly" relevant. Technorati defaults to "posts" with relevant keywords for your search. I recommend clicking on the "blogs" tab to... Read more →

Keys to an Achievable Outcome

I have found the following questions to be useful to both me and those I coach when contemplating and writing goals or outcomes. This series of questions are the keys to achievable outcomes. When you take the time to consider each question after stating your desired outcome you will enhance the overall power and clarity of your written goals or outcomes. 1. What specifically do you want? Stated in the positive, present-tense, as if you already have it. Clearly defined, vibrant, written goals in all areas of you life. (Spiritual, Personal, Family, Business, Financial, Fun-Hobbies-Travel) 2. Where are you now... Read more →

Who is Blogging? - How To Blog Series

The short answer...anyone and everyone! From the average citizen blogging about their daily life to celebrities to politicians to businesses (Fortune 500 companies to small business owners). Whether you want to blog about your hobbies, passions, city, neighborhood, rants or raves, or the Las Vegas Real Estate Market - the blog is the platform to find and share your unique voice, reach your target audience and interact with others. An early, popular blog is which chronicles the life and times of Heather Armstrong (formerly Hamilton). Heather made national headlines when she got fired from her job for blogging about... Read more →

The Power of Affirmations

I was talking to a friend yesterday about the power of affirmations. She shared one of hers with me: “Make decisions based on where you are going instead of where you are.” It reminded me of my NLP Coach training. One of the many things my trainers, Tad & Adriana James, discussed was how so many people focus on what they don’t want rather that what they really want. They also introduced this powerful equation: C > E and this key question – “What side of the equation are you on…CAUSE or EFFECT? Do you take 100% responsibility for your... Read more →

Types of Blogs and Blog Posts - How To Blog Series

The majority of blogs are text-based. You can make your blog more creative and interesting with the effective use of photos, graphics, audio and/or video content. Some cool tools to consider using for adding multi-media content to your blog: Flickr - for photo storing and sharing. Flickr has a built-in blog feature that allows me to upload a photo to my Typepad blog. You Tube - Upload and share your videos. Easily upload and embed video to your blog (currently works with Blogger, BlogSpot, WordPress, LiveJournal, and Piczo, Friendster) Audio Acrobat - I use this service to upload and store... Read more →

Reasons to Join the Active Rain Real Estate Network

I just joined the Active Rain Real Estate Network and recommend it highly to anyone who is really wanting to connect with other real estate professionals locally and nationally. Some other reasons to join: Experience the power of social networking and Web 2.0 Learn about and experience blogging in a community of industry professionals Expand and promote your business and referral base Share your opinions, expertise and knowledge actively with others Get innovative, cutting-edge business and marketing ideas Some of the features at Active Rain: Create your profile highlighting your expertise, market areas, links to other sites/blogs Setup and maintain... Read more →

The Blogosphere - History and Statistics - How To Blog Series

When you stop and think about it, blogging is just the next, logical level in the continuing evolution of the Internet. It's also what makes the Internet so powerful - the ability to instantly connect with others, obtain and share information. Before blogging became popular, communities took form in many other ways on the web: bulletin board systems, forums, usenet, newsgroups. The first true blogging communities were online diaries which became popular in the late 1990's with sites like Open Diary and Live Journal. People would comment on their daily lives, experiences, rants, raves, post poetry, comment on anything and... Read more →

What is A Blog? - How To Blog Series

Blog is short for "Web log" Here is the definition from Wikipedia: "A blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. The term "blog" is derived from "Web log." "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its... Read more →

"How To Blog" Series Starts Today

Today I am launching a series on How To Blog with an emphasis on blogging for the real estate professional. We are also planning a series of training sessions to cover this material in the near future at Prudential Americana Group. We will conduct the training live and also record a series of tutorials (audio and video) for posting to this blog and Here's the outline: How to Blog Series 1. Blogs Part 1 – The Basics What is a Blog? The Blogosphere - History/Stats Types of Blogs Who is blogging? Why blog? To Do List before you join... Read more →

June 2007 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Condition Report

Here is the June 2007 edition of the Las Vegas Real Estate Market Condition Report courtesy of Equity Title of Nevada. This is an excellent tool to use with your clients/sphere of infuence/personal database to keep them updated and educated on the LasVegas Real Estate Market. Download mcrlas_vegas_valley_june_2007_plus_comments_and_opinion.pdf Here is an excerpt from the report showing current trends in our market. Read more →