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I was meeting with my good friend and fellow coach, Joel Smith of Mindset Dynamics, last week and he introduced me to a great website with motivational and inspirational videos and products.  I viewed the movie 212 degrees and loved the message... One extra degree (...of effort, activity, belief, focus, perservance...) makes all the difference in the world.

212image_2 In all of my years in business, I've never seen such a simple way to explain the difference between good and great. 

It will only take 3 minutes of your time to watch it but here's a warning...Once you watch it...it'll be hard to forget!!  Click here: 212 Movie

I also recommend viewing this free movie on The Power of Attittude.  Attitude is definitely a choice and truly impacts your results.  To quote one part of the movie... "Attidues are contagious - so ask yourself this question...Is yours worth catching?"

Be sure to visit the Simple Truths website to view more free inspirational movies to share and check out their books and products.