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How to Subscribe to a Blog Using RSS

A common question for many newbies joining the blogosphere is what is RSS? It stands for Really Simple Syndication. Simplest answer - it's a way to subscribe or choose the content, blogs, podcasts, news feeds you want to have access to, when you want it. From Wikipedia, "RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with their favorite web sites in an automated manner that's easier than checking them manually." Blogs, podcasts and some websites that update their content frequently will have an RSS feed on their site. This is the common symbol for RSS. You may also see... Read more →

How to Post a Comment on a Blog

As I share my passion for blogging with others, I've realized that so many people are just becoming aware of blogs and curious about how to really participate. So this post is all about the how and why of COMMENTS on blogs. The comment feature of a blog is one of the primary differences between a website and a blog. A blog is designed to be conversational - invite commentary, questions, two-way or multiple conversations. Another reason to comment on blogs is you are able to create a link that can take a reader to your website or blog. Linking... Read more →

NV Supreme Court Decision Affects Sellers Real Property Disclosure (SRPD)

Welcome to Steve Kitnick - Guest Contributor: On July 26th, 2007 the Supreme Court of the State Of Nevada in Nelson v. Heer held that appellant Nelson "did not have a duty under NRS Chapter 113 to disclose the prior water damage or the possible presence of mold." The reasons cited were as follows: " Under NRS 113.140, a seller of residential property is required to disclose to potential buyers only those defects of which the seller is aware. NRS 113.100 (1) defines "defect" as "a condition that materially affect the value or use of residential property in an adverse... Read more →

Recap of Real Connect San Francisco 2007

What an amazing experience Bloggers Connect and Real Connect 2007 in San Francisco was! I posted my 25 Top Tips & Best Ideas About Blogging on my Active Rain Blog. I invite you to check out what I gleaned as the best comments from the panelists and experts at Connect. Here are key highlights from Real Connect 2007 for me: The conference answered the questions: What is Web 2.0, social networking and media, and blogging? Why do we need it and how to integrate it into our companies and business models. The event was also about networking and meeting peers,... Read more →

Real Connect San Francisco - Connect Duets Provide Compelling Content

One of the best features of Real Connect in San Francisco was Connect Duets. This format paired two industry leaders with Brad Inman moderating the discussion, asking questions and inviting questions from the audience (even via text message!) Dale Stinton, CEO of NAR and Rich Barton, Founder/CEO of Stinton discussed some new initiatives for NAR and stating that "we are playing catchup and won't fall behind again." He discussed creating a "consumer experience" and a national gateway of all real estate data for members. More from the Inman Blog. Barton talked about Zillow features: Q&A, agent profiles, Easy... Read more →

Beer with Bloggers, Blogging Tips from Tisza and Project Blogger Winner Announced

I'm attending the Real Estate Connect and Bloggers Connect in San Francisco and will be posting reports, updates and the best tips and ideas I gather from the various sessions. The first social networking session was held last night at the Thirsty Bear - "Beer with Bloggers". The place was jam-packed with bloggers and the beer was flowing. I met several interesting people and was jazzed to have a great conversation with my Project Blogger pick: Tisza Major- Posner of Route66Living. Project Blogger was an online blogging contest co-sponsored by Inman News and Active Rain where novice bloggers and blogging... Read more →