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How to Find Your Blog Voice

Blogsign One of the wonderful features of blogging is the experience of finding your own voice.  I am finding that the more I blog the more I get comfortable with the whole experience and the platform.  I've also been working on not being so technical and analytical about my writing - allowing my true personality and passion to start emerging.  It's a journey that takes patience and commitment.

When I think about why I subscribe to various blogs,  I find that it's not only that the author has something interesting or compelling to say.  I have also discovered these things are also important to me:

  1. The author is writing on topics I like or want to learn more about
  2. It's not always what they say but how they say it - how they deliver the message
  3. The author gets the point across succinctly and the posts are well-written
  4. It's entertaining - makes me laugh - makes me think or ask questions or want to make a comment

We all have a voice!  It may take a little while to trust the process and find it however.  Here are a couple of tips for you to ponder as you find your voice:

  • Write for yourself first - write 20 posts and watch how your voice starts to emerge and develop
  • Blog like you are in a room full of friends, having a conversation, catching up on the news, latest events
  • Write in stream of consciousness - just start and let it flow
  • Share your opinions and ideas; be candid
  • It takes a while to develop your voice - have patience and don't quit - just do it!