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Team Blogging Concept - Sharing the Load

Teamsmall300 Here's an idea to help you with more content, more often... have guest contributors on your blog.  In the real estate business, we naturally have a team of other professionals we work with.  Think about it, do you know an escrow officer, loan officer, home inspector, appraiser, handyman or other vendor who could contribute to your blog with useful, relevant information?  This is also a wonderful opportunity to cross-promote your team of professionals.

Do you have an agent team?  If so, have you considered creating a team blog?  You may have hidden talent on your team - budding bloggers - just waiting to help you build a great blog and generate some leads.   What about a team blog where each member blogs about their specialty, niche or farm area? 

There are several noteworthy "community" and collabrative blogs in our industry.  What I find interesting is the diversity, different voices and writing styles on blogs like BloodHound Blog and Rain City Guide.