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Get the Blogrush Widget to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

I've come across this new widget - BlogRush - several times recently and decided to check it out.  Yaro Starak discussed it on his blog Entrepreneur's Journey and Pat Kitano at Transparent Real Estate posted his review.  Here's how it works in a nutshell - you post the widget on your blog and have your posts automatically syndicated on other blogs as readers come to your site and click on the post links.  You also earn credits by referring other bloggers to Blogrush.  When the referred person signs up for a free account and puts the widget on their blog you increase your potential traffic as your blog posts are added up to 10 referral levels deep. Blogrush uses a combination of the category your choose during setup and the context of your blog to include your posts on blogs with similar content as well as the links on your widget.

After viewing the video on  the Blogrush site I signed up and added it to my blog.  I will be able to track the results on the dashboard - we'll see how it works!