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Getting Things Done - A Review

I recently re-read and listened to the audio book by David Allen Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. The difference this time - I was ready to put the techniques to use and have discovered a system that works for me. The major aha for me was realizing my "to do" list is not enough. The key step I was missing was taking the time to think about and record the "next action" to take in order to move a project forward to my desired outcome. The basic premise of the book is to get everything out... Read more →

How to Easily Use Video and Multimedia to Market your Listings and You!

For Real Estate Professionals, there are a variety of video services to promote your listings, your services, create client testimonials, educate your clients, and more. Use your own digital photos to create video tours of properties or commercials - $125/year, unlimited use, easy to use The next generation in custom virtual tours and webmercials from local real estate professional Steve Matthews. Full service internet video solution provider Put your place on the map - users can upload video, send us video tapes for upload, or hire a videographer Use your own video camera or hire... Read more →

Blogworld Expo - Secrets to Vlogging (Video Blogging, Podcasting)

This session by Gary Rosenweig of and was informative and thorough. Here are my notes... Why video? Differentiate yourself Easier than writing for some Express yourself better Reach new audience Potential Cons Time to make Bandwidth issues, hosting Equipment Types of Video Vlog - you, in camera, talking, easy to use, posted on your blog Screencast - great for demos, tutorials, powerpoints, slideshows Newscast - you at desk or set, interviewing, reporting, more editing required, set-up, lighting Show - more creative, skits, series, production Considerations Budget Motivation Time Equipment & Production There is equipment and packages from low... Read more →

Blogworld Expo - Best Tips on Podcasting

Here are my notes from 2 different sessions on podcasting at the Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas, November 8-9, 2007. Scott Bourne - Podango Productions and Craig Syverson - Grunt Media presented tips and strategies on Podcasting. Visit this page on GruntMedia for more information, links and presentation materials from this session. A few notes from this primarily Q&A session... Concept - what are you trying to accomplish - what is your outcome? Strategy - how does this fit overall; how will you grow? how will you assess value? what are its unique qualities? Audio: Longer. Focus, specialized content. Casual... Read more →

Blogworld Expo - Using Analytics to Measure Your Blog's Performance

Avinash Kaushik whose web analytics blog - Occam's Razor presented a great session on Understanding Your Numbers and Using Analytics. Key points: • Use Google Analytics or similar tool • Six Tips for Measurement Raw Author Contribution - Check out Website Grader for your blog/website marketing effectiveness. Use plugins to assist you in analyzing your content and post stats. Audience growth - both onsite (measure visitors and unique visitors) and offsite (feedreaders; use for stats). Avinash defined a key stat he tracks as "unique blog readers" - unique visitors + average daily feed subscriptions (which you can get from... Read more →

Blogworld Expo Las Vegas (part 2) - Search Engine Optimization for Blogging

Update from Blogworld Expo, November 7th - SEO for Blogging session. Panelists: Vanessa Fox, Stephan Spencer, Andy Beal and Aaron Wall. The four panelists presented a wealth of information and useful tips on the key topic of Blog SEO . Vanessa posted each speaker's powerpoint presentations on her blog - Blogworld Expo: SEO for Blogging Slides. Check out this video of highlights from the session from WebProNews: Some highlights and takeaways for me... Research what your audience is searching for - use keyword tools like Google Adwords, Overture Keyword Tracker Tool or Wordtracker - and write your posts using those... Read more →

Blogworld Expo Las Vegas - Nov 7 - Best Tips and Strategies

I'm attending the Blogworld & New Media Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I attended 3 informative sessions on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 and came away with these tips, strategies and insights: Business Blogging 101 - Andy Wibbels and Jennifer McClure Initial considerations when starting a blog: Is it internal (for your company) or external (open to the public)? What is the purpose or your outcome? Who will be responsible for the blog? Is it collaborative? Establish your blog policy Good sources - IBM Blogging Policy and Society for New Communication Research Decide on blog platform. Hosted or your... Read more →

How to Thrive in the Current Real Estate Market

Our current real estate market in Las Vegas (and around the country) presents an interesting test for all involved... from the buyers, to the sellers to the practicing real estate agents and also for the brokerage firms I've been living and working in Las Vegas since 1992 and this is my first experience in a "challenging market". Fueled by local and national media with a slant to reporting the negative, "newsworthy" hype of doom and gloom, buyers are afraid to purchase, waiting for the elusive "bottom of the market" before jumping back in. Sellers are holding on to every ounce... Read more →