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Real Estate Affirmations for a Successful Career

Handtokey2 Here are some real estate affirmations to consider adopting or adapting as desired and applicable for you individually:

1. Success Keys: I must think successful and act successful to be successful!

2. Professional Value: The real estate commissions I receive are not just a reward for having a real estate license; they are payment for providing valuable professional services.

3. Real Work: I do not avoid difficult tasks and uncomfortable situations. I get paid well for doing the things that unsuccessful people won’t do or can’t do.

4. Enthusiasm and Confidence: I do not think, talk or act negatively about the real estate business. I know that my atti­tude affects my level of success and I always show enthusiasm and confidence to my customers, clients and fellow associates. I believe in my personal value and the value of my office and company.

5. Consistent Prospecting: I do not wait for prospects to come to me. I actively seek‑out qualified prospects.

6. Selling Situation: I do not allow myself to become bogged‑down in “busy work.” I assure my success by consistently getting into actual selling situations. I maximize my probability for success by working proven real estate systems.

7. Reasonable Probability: I do not depend on luck and gamble on unrealistic possibilities. I only work on properties and with prospects where there is a reasonable probability of success.

8. Worthy Clients: I don’t waste my time, energy, or money on unqualified clients. The clients and custom­ers I work with are worthy of my valuable professional services.

9. Working Hours: I do not work the same hours as a salaried employee. I know that I must be available when prospects are available. I do not allow other people to interfere with my work schedule. I carefully guard my working hours.

10. Concern, Responsibility and Control: I do not accept responsibility for situations which are beyond my control. I show concern for all situations, but I only accept responsibility for controllable circumstances.

11. Honesty and Benefits: I do not disguise reality by telling people only what they hope to hear. I tell my custom­ers and clients the truth and sell them on the benefits.

12. Persuasion: I do not argue with customers or clients or run from problems. I successfully persuade people with patience and benefits.

13. Loose Ends: I do not rush through transactions leaving unsolved problems that I hope will disappear. I answer questions and concerns assuring future satisfaction.

14. Personal Responsibility: My level of success is not dependent upon uncontrollable circumstances. I fully ac­knowledge that ...     If it is to be, it’s up to me.

15. Specialization: I do not try to work with every prospect or on every property. I specialize on properties and with prospects where I have professional competency value and reasonable ability for success. I also have the personal desire to work with them in a professional man­ner.

16. I Believe: I have the right to be successful. I have the ability to be successful. I am personally responsible for my level of success. I create my success through my thoughts and my actions!