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3 Steps to Creating a Real Estate Business Plan

Successticket It's that time again - time to manifest your success for a Great Year!  It all starts by writing your goals or desired outcomes, creating a written business plan and updating/revising your business budget then measuring and tracking your results.

Step 1 - Set Your Goals (Outcomes). For a review of how to set powerful goals - here are three blog posts from earlier in 2007:

Now, download this document and start writing your outcomes/goals:

Step 2 - Create Your Business Plan.  Documents to download for writing your Business Plan:

Step 3 - Measure and Track Your Results.   You can’t improve what you don’t measure.   An excellent tracking system will allow you to make necessary course corrections and adjustments as well as gage your overall success.

Why Goal Setting is Important - Which group do you choose...

"In a fabled Harvard University study only three percent of Harvard students asked set and wrote goals on a regular basis. The stunning revelation of this study is that 30 years later, 50 percent of the total net worth of the group was held by just three percent of the group. You guessed it! They were the three percent that had a habit of setting and writing goals as students, then continued to write goals and review them regularly."

Source: How to Set and Attain Goals for Success


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