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Thriving in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market - Seminar Notes

Keyboard_mouse2_2 On December 5, 2007, I conducted a seminar with Matthew Hardy of REST - real estate software I use and highly recommend!  The seminar was entitled "How to Thrive in the Current Real Estate Market". 

If you are interested in the outline and links to resources and other materials - just go to the REST-Event link at - How To Thrive in the Current Real Estate Market.

Matthew and I reviewed key lessons and business applications of 4 excellent books:

We also detailed Seven Secrets to Thrive in Real Estate... a condensed version of an earlier post on the subject.

  1. YOU Are the Creator of your Reality.
  2. Educate yourself about the market and learn how to better present the current market story.
  3. Get back to the basics NOW
  4. Develop and implement an Action Management System.
  5. Adopt a daily ritual to start your day in a positive mindset.
  6. Have a daily activity plan, show up and work it.
  7. Ask for help.  Get an accountability partner or hire a coach.