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THE Key to Real Estate Success...Always be Prospecting!

Phone_keyboard_2 A majority of your time in this business will be spent prospecting...that is if your goal is to succeed.  ABP (Always be Prospecting) It is the most basic, critical element of success. It is imperative you develop and follow a plan. Build your plan around annual, monthly, weekly and daily prospecting activities. Demand of yourself a weekly minimum number of prospecting contacts. If you are new to the real estate business, 90-95% of your time should be spent asking for business. Do not let pending contracts or any other activity take you out of the business of prospecting every day. Prioritize your prospects, track your results and maintain a simple follow up plan. No other task in the real estate business can be performed until you have a person who is ready, willing, and able to buy or sell.

Regardless of what prospecting method you use, the goal is the same!  The main objective is to establish rapport, put the client at ease, minimize their perception of the threat you represent and always direct your dialogue towards their needs. Your goal is to turn a prospective lead into an appointment with a motivated buyer or seller.

When qualifying a prospect you must ask a lot of questions to help you determine their needs and whether pursuing them is the best use of your time.  Remember:  Questions Attract...Statements Repel. Listen carefully to the answers, take notes and show concern and a willingness to help solve any problems or needs that you uncover.  The answers you receive are not only the client’s needs, but also tell you what methods to use to meet those needs.  These answers will also help you personalize your proposal to secure the client.

You may get objections. Do not be afraid. Objections are a good thing. Objections are simply another form of a question or concern or an indication that you have not totally gained their total rapport. It can simply mean a prospect has not made a decision. Always remember, for every no you are one step closer to a yes. When you have determined that the client is motivated to make a move in the foreseeable future, close.


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