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Managing Your Online Reputation

Online_reputation_managemen One of the panel discussions at the recent Bloodhound Blog Unchained covered the topic of online reputation management with:

David Gibbons, Zillow
Rudy Bachraty, Trulia
Jeff Brown, Real Estate Investments Broker

Here are some of the best ideas and tips I gleaned from the discussion:

•    Leverage your blog presence by commenting on blogs - reaching the audience you seek
•    Use Google Alerts  to receive updates on topics of interest.  Set up a Google alert on your name, company, etc.
•    Zillow & Trulia agree  that when someone trashes their company – it is a great opportunity to engage and get publicity; promote their company by setting the record straight, engaging in the dialog
•    They like to engage negative, controversial comments the most as it tends to create better dialog and learning
•    Write for the evergreen content value – think longevity – depth and breadth of reach on Internet
•    Set -up Subscribe to comments feed on your blog
•    Correct  faulty info on other blogs via comments
•    Don’t overreact to negative comments – breathe – wait – then address with gratitude
•    Get on Craigslist Housing Forum for your area
•    Comment on the Featured content at Active Rain 
•    Trulia Voices – find your zip code and join the conversation
•    Find local areas of blogs like and add value
•    Join Facebook and LinkedIn

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