BloodhoundBlog Unchained Recap - Sunday May 18, 2008
Unchained Day 2 - Brian Brady on the Way of the Hunter

Unchained Conference Monday, May 20 - Epiphany, History, Way of the Farmer from Greg Swann

My second day at the BloodhoundBlog Unchained Social Media Conference proved to be more than I expected - these guys know how to deliver the good stuff!  The morning started with an epiphany and intriguing historical review from Greg Swann on, well, history - from primitive cultures to the Greeks to the 20th Century.  I loved how he tied the history and philosophy to the evolution of Web 2.0.  Visit the Unchained You Tube Channel for all the videos.

The epiphany - read/view more on this BloodhoundBlog post and Greg's April post on the subject:

  • You are free to THRIVE
  • You are free to STARVE
  • But you are not free to escape the necessity of making a choice

Other memorable quotes from Greg included:

  • "Big ideas rule the world."
  • "Greeks... We are they, they are us and none of us are normal."
  • "Beehive (worker bee) mentality ... Trained to think but not talk back. Trained to embrace change but stay in line.  Trained to dream of the day when you might be the boss but n=meanwhile, do what you are told."
  • "20th century all about the sacred organization.... and then came the Internet"
  • "Welcome to the wired-world of real estate."
  • "Freedom's reflection is transparency."

What I got out of this session is the major opportunity we all have right now to really embrace Web 2.0 and take charge of our individual destiny.  Web 2.0 is transforming the way  Real Estate is  sold and we haven't yet reached the tipping point.  Make the choice to become your own boss and rainmaker.  I choose it now!

Greg also outlined 10 Simple Things to Do Now to Put Your Business on the Web 2.0 Road.

In his afternoon session,"Way of the Farmer" Greg demonstrated how he applies Web 2.0 to the traditional real estate marketing idea of geographical farming.   He uses a variety of tools to stand out from the competition, among them:  See Listing Real Estate the Bloodhound Way

  • Over-sized, custom yard signs
  • Single Property websites using Engenu - now in Beta testing
  • Virtual tours from which has a slick virtual remodeling feature
  • Open House, 2-sided business cards that are delivered to the surrounding neighborhoods and on the yard sign for prospects to pick up like a flyer to promote scheduled open houses
  • Applying the principle of the long tail house-by-house, street-by-street, to the neighborhood, to the region all the way to the short head "Phoenix Real Estate" and "Historical Phoenix Homes." as he demonstrated in this session.  This work in progress is labor is intensive and intriguing. When completed, they will have mapped all the historic districts and photographed every home on every street within those historical districts of Phoenix.  A truly unique tour of Phoenix distinctive homes!
  • Blogging about your listings - with flare, care and creativity