Unchained Conference Monday, May 20 - Epiphany, History, Way of the Farmer from Greg Swann
To Twitter or Not Twittter?

Unchained Day 2 - Brian Brady on the Way of the Hunter

Brian Brady shared his obsession with marketing and how "ubiquity" works with the Unchained Conference attendees on Day 2.  Brian is everywhere on the Web 2.0 /RE.net webscape and he showed us how he does it.

Some key points from Brian's discussion:

  • New customers are the life blood of your business, including referrals from your past clients and sphere of influence.
  • The Internet automates your Unique Selling Proposition - how you stand out from your competitors.
  • Web 1.0 - static, your business card and brochure online.
  • Web 2.0 - an exchange, participatory, interactive.  The  empowered customer has all info available to make decision to use you.
  • MySpace changed everything - it was free, all about the user, provided multiple ways to connect, open access and grew exponentially.
  • Social media marketing is using online platforms to promote a brand or service and to connect with influential customers Mavens).
  • Why should you engage in Web 2.o?
  • Ask your clients where they go on the Web.  What a great way to reconnect with your database today and, more than likely, get some business! 
  • Get readers, visitors to subscribe to you via RSS feeds, email subscriptions, and e-zine subscriptions.
  • Build a community - consider joining and building your profiles on:
  • My personal recommendations are LinkedIn, Active Rain and Facebook.  YouTube if you are using video in your business.

Brian's talk inspired me to take action and join or organize a bloggers group in Las Vegas.  Since there is currently not a meetup for bloggers, I formed one today - the Las Vegas Beginning Bloggers Meetup which will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7:00 pm,  at a place yet to be determined.  Look for more to follow on this group in the very near future - calling all Las Vegas bloggers or would-be bloggers....