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Go Green with the Eco-Safe Widget for Your Blog or Website

Ecosafe_blog_widget_2 I discovered the Eco-Safe widget today on Chris Brogan's blog as I was reviewing my blog feeds. What a great idea and a way to promote more environmentally-friendly alternatives to printing.  I immediately installed it on my blog and checked it out - brilliant!  Works as advertised, simple and green.

The widget allows visitors to your blog alternatives to printing thus helping to reduce the to staggering amount of paper used daily for web printing:

  • Send the page via email
  • Email a PDF of the page
  • Download a PDF of the page

Do your part to help the planet today... Visit Eco_Safe , get the widget for your blog and spread the word...

Live Total ECO-SAFE Merit Badge Interactions:   1,278,043  (as of 6-1-08)

"We believe in our individual power and the collective power of all of us. Together we can change the world. I can, you can, we can. Here and now, from this day forward."