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How to Actively Build Your Client Database and Referrals

Building your database is an ongoing and daily process.  It's a mindset.  Set a goal of the number of people you want to add to your database on a weekly or monthly basis.  Every day, you will have opportunities to network and talk to others.  Turn every day situations into an opportunity to discuss the real estate business and invite someone to be added to your mailing or email list.  Here are some strategies and ideas to begin implementing in your daily Action Plan today!

Build a habit of sending personal notes

  • Commit to a certain number of personal, hand-written notes daily.
  • Write the note in the moment – when the reason for sending the note occurs.
  • Have a supply of blank note cards and envelopes with you – in your car – at home – in the office.
  • Ideas for personal notes:
    • Open house visitors
    • After client contact (call or visit)
    • Co-op agent on a transaction
    • Business vendors and partners
    • When you receive a referral
    • At close of escrow on a transaction

Acknowledge your Referrals

  • Immediately upon receiving a referral from a past client or anyone, send a personal note and a thank you for the referral item.
  • The key is to have a supply of your thank you items on-hand (Gift card/movie tickets, etc.) and send a personal note immediately after receiving the referral.  Don't wait to send the thank you note after the close of escrow!  Make an impression immediately by acknowledging the referral as soon as you receive it, regardless if it turns into business or not.  Send a Starbucks card, car wash card, gas card or movie tickets along with your note.
  • Another idea is to send a perishable item (i.e. flowers, cookies) to the referring client’s workplace.

Commit to adding 5 people a week to your database

  • Actively handout 10 business cards 5 days a week and ask for referrals!  (Everywhere – standing in line, restaurants, interacting with businesses daily)
  • Hold 2-3 Open Houses a week - you wil meet prospective buyers and people to add to your database.
  • Active prospecting - FSBOs, Expireds, door knocking, calling, just listed and just solds
  • Networking and business events
  • Get involved in community events or groups

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