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Learnings, Transformation and Growth Through NLP Training

So, I have been offline and unplugged for the last 16 days immersed, by far, in one of the best and most transformational trainings I have ever attended... Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner Certification with the Tad James Company.  In 2006, I attended the prerequisite NLP Practitioner level certification training and have been using the techniques and strategies learned ever since in both my business and personal life.  I highly recommend attending one or more of their trainings - the impact is powerful for both your business and personal life. This 16 day course has been very intensive and life-changing for me.  In addition to certification as an NLP Coach, I am also certified in Time Line Therapy (TM) and Hypnosis at the Master Practitioner level.  And, yes I am accepting clients - details coming soon on this blog.

What is NLP, Time Line Therapy (TM) and Hypnosis?

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming  (NLP) is simply how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.  NLP is a model of communication - how we communicate to ourselves and others.   We all have our own model of the world and specific strategies for everything we do.  We also all have unique ways we process and filter information through the five senses which in turn creates our internal state and results in a behavior.  NLP provides a series of techniques that help you identify and understand your model of the world and make any necessary effective changes to create the results you desire.
  • Time Line Therapy (TM)  is a powerful process of active imagination where the client imagines floating above his/her Time Line and letting go of negative emotions and limiting decisions or beliefs.  It is also an effective technique to assist the client in creating events in their future that support his/her desired goals or outcomes.   Time Line Therapy simply works - allowing clients to make long-lasting changes in a very rapid way.
  • Hypnosis is the use of trance to make changes at the unconscious level.  Hypnosis is NOT sleep, unconsciousness, being gullible, being controlled or a loss of self-control.  Hypnosis is a cooperative flow of energy and is ultimately self-hypnosis.

One of the initial and core concepts I learned and have now integrated into my life is:

The Three Prerequisites for Change

  1. Identify and get rid of whatever is holding you back... the negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs, etc.  Do the work on yourself first! Get help with this process - hire a certified coach, see a trained therapist - find a process or program that works for you.  Note: I will be accepting clients soon for coaching and Personal Break Through sessions - the details will be posted soon on the coaching services page of this blog.
  2. Take Action.  This is a critical first step after doing the positive change work on yourself.  You must have a plan and action steps that you actually do and move you toward what you desire.
  3. Focus on What You Want.  Our unconscious mind is a powerful force which is designed to (among other things) preserve and maintain our body and control and maintain all perceptions.  I also enjoys serving and needs clear orders to follow.  In other words, "to think is to create, "energy flows where your attention goes" and "perception is projection."    It is your choice!