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Technorati's State of the Blogosphere Report September 2008

Technorati has posted the State of the Blogosphere 2008 in a 5 part series packed with trends, stats and details about the who, what, why and how of blogging.  This year, as discussed by CEO Richard Jalichandra at the recent Blogworld & New Media Expo, Technorati conducted a random survey of the 1.2 million Technorati members (approx 1300 participants from 60 countries). 

Some of the highlights of the report and from the Blogworld 2008 presentation:

  • Technorati has indexed 133 million blogs since 2002
  • 76,000 blogs have an authority of 50+ (Technorati assigns an authority rating based on the number of sites linking ot the blog - the more links the higher the authority rank)
  • Two-thirds of bloggers are male
  • 50% of bloggers are between the ages of 18-34
  • 70% of bloggers have college degree
  • One in four have an annual household income of $100k
  • The top 10% of blogs producing income blog multiple times daily and use multimedia formats
  • Bloggers are also active Web 2.0 participants (social networks, Twitter, Videos, podcasts, social bookmarking)
  • Bloggers are self-identified as Personal, Professional or Corporate