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Don't Miss the Social Media Marketing Webinar Series from Domus Consulting Group

Domus Consulting Group will be offering their well reviewed Social Media Marketing Workshops starting this week, offering their one hour weekly webinar every Monday at 10:30-11:30 Nevada time over 12 weeks. Their first session is being repeated this Thursday and Friday at 10:30am. Please register for it at http://domusconsultinggroup.com/americana.

The Social Media Marketing System gets real estate agents an online presence that generates leads without blogging. You essentially become the go-to source for breaking real estate news in your area. You can see a slide presentation of the Broadcasting System at Transparent Real Estate.

I've seen how the System works. Using free social media tools, you "broadcast" your expertise in the real estate markets like blogging does. We want to get a group of Americana agents to broadcast market updates en masse and become a powerful consumer resource for breaking Las Vegas real estate news.   Here's an overview of the sessions and what to expect:


Session 1
Social Media Marketing - Why an Online Presence is Critical to your Future Career in Real Estate
Session 2
First Practical Steps - Five Steps to Setting up your Social Network
Session 3
Understanding the Strict Protocols of Social Media and the Content You Deliver - Don’t Blow it!
Session 4
Setting up the Tools to Monitor the Social Media - FeedReaders, Social Bookmarking, Social News, Twitter
Session 5
First Steps in Participating in the Social Media - Your Network is Set Up and it’s Time to Leverage It
Session 6
Explaining Active Rain and Blogging - You’ll Soon Figure Out that the Blog will be your Central Marketing Tool
Session 7
The Online Land Grab - Get Your Name Out There - Five Online Services You Must Be On Before Your Competition
Session 8
How to Attract Online Traffic - How Search Engines Work and Why the Social Media is Quantum Leaps more Powerful than a Static Website
Session 9
The New Society - Changing your Sales and Marketing Strategies to Fit with your Online Presence - Retooling your Spammy Email Marketing to be Effective
Session 10
The Secret Nobody Knows - Mass Media is Converging with the Social Media - How to Position Yourself to Access Mass Media Traffic
Session 11
Your Newest Online Resume - Twitter and Friendfeed Strategies
Session 12
Putting it All Together - Integrating Your Offline Real Estate Practice with your Online Presence

I'll be attending. I think it's an effective lead generation system, and you'll learn a lot about the new wave of real estate marketing.

They normally charge $299 for the 12 week session. This week, they'll offer a 50% discount to Americana agents so the total tuition fee is $149 for 12 weeks, about $12/hour session. They "TIVO" the session for later viewing. In addition, they include full access to 100 step-by-step tutorials on blogging and the social media. Their past sessions have been sellouts.

If you're interested, sign up at our special website: http://domusconsultinggroup.com/americana to qualify for the reduced rate. You'll see more details about the curriculum and many testimonials at that landing page.