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Steps for Internet and eMarketing Success

Internet_success A succesful eMarketing strategy must have:

  • Compelling reason(s) for prospect to contact you over other agents
  • Benefits for prospect
  • Specific offers, reports
  • Calls to action
  • Lead capture ability
  • Measuring & Tracking capability

Steps for Internet  & eMarketing Success

1.    Create & Maintain a great “Destination” Website

  • Customer-Centric not Agent-Centric - "Image style branding is out"
  • People don’t want to be sold, they want to be helped and get information
    • Internet = access, information, instant
    • Offer what the consumer wants
      • Easy & accessible Search for listings (IDX)
      • Photos & virtual tours
      • Reports, local market data
      • Neighborhood, community, school information
      • Foreclosure, short sale, loan modification information
  • Compelling content - in addition to the list above, consider
    • Buyer/Seller process & tips
    • Relocation info, guides
    • Testimonials
    • Your niche, target markets, specialties
  • A Good domain name (Consider keyword terms vs. your name)

2.    Effective Lead Generation & Lead Capture

  • Calls to Action that lead to capturing prospect info
  • IDX search – allow access to a point and then a sign-up form
  • Property Watch – email alerts – allows the consumer to receive the listing information they want when it becomes available
  • Free, compelling reports – consumer completes a contact form to receive the report or offer
  • Home Market Valuation
  • Offline Marketing Plan
  • Energize Your Database to Search for Homes - Import or add your SOI, past client database and send them a VIP welcome letter with a strong Call to Action - "Search over 30,000 Las Vegas Properties for Sale!"
  • Add contacts daily – use your website to close prospects for their information and set them up as A VIP on your site for full access
    • Open House prospects; Ad & Sign Calls
  • Change Your Voice Mail message to include a CTA to visit your site and Search homes for sale
  • Add compelling call to action on everything:
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Marketing Flyers
  • Email signature
  • Postcards
  • Print advertising
  • Car signs
  • Yard & Open House sign
  • Paid Advertising on other websites
    • Realtor.com
      Trulia Pro
      Local online magazine & newspapers
      Your niche market
  • Strategic Linking
    • Comment on blogs (you can add a link back to your website)
    • Business vendors, partners
  • Search Engines

    • Optimizing your website and pages for search engines
      • Title tags
      • Keywords & Description
      • Keyword research Tools
    • Write quality content that matches your selected keywords
    • Submit Your site to directories and search engines
    • Consider adding a blog to maximize SEO
    • Pay Per Click – Paid Advertising

3.    Converting the Lead (From Click to Close)

  • Connect
    • Immediate response (less than 20 mins) increases your chances of converting that lead – text and email alerts for leads
    • Initial welcome (VIP) letter
  • Cultivate
    • Automated, drip email campaigns
    • CTAs in the email (Search properties now!)
    • Phone calls = qualify, build rapport
  • Close
    • Use the visitor search profile information
    • Refine searches – use property watch
    • Close for appointments  
  • Build Referrals 
    • Client for life email campaigns – Ask for referral CTA
      • eNewsletters
      • Holiday letters
      • Market condition reports

P.S. - Remember, it's a process!  Set aside time each week to improve your overall website and emarketing solution for your business.  Find the balance bewteen working IN your business and ON Your Business!!


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