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What is a CLUE Report and How to Obtain One

The  Residential Purchase Agreement from the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors added the CLUE report as a due diligence option for buyers to request in 2009.  Here is some more information about the CLUE report and how to obtain one.

What is a CLUE report?

The C.L.U.E.® (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) Report.  CLUE is a report of claims information generated by ChoicePoint, a consumer-reporting agency. Insurance companies report claim information to ChoicePoint, such as the type of claim and how much they paid on a claim. In exchange, insurance companies can access the claims history of a specific consumer or property. A CLUE report generally contains up to five years of personal auto or personal property claims history.

A CLUE report contains:

• Your name

• Date of birth

• Policy number

• Date of loss

• Type of loss

• Amount the insurance company paid

• Description of the covered property

• Property address (for homeowner coverage)

• Specific vehicle information (for auto coverage)

How insurance companies use CLUE reports

An insurance company may request a CLUE report when you apply for coverage or request a quote. The company uses your claims history, or the history of claims at a specific property, to determine if it will offer you coverage and how much you will pay. They believe past claims indicate that you’re more likely to file a claim in the future. 

Who maintains this database?

The major issuer of CLUE reports is ChoicePoint, a Georgia company that is one of the country's biggest compilers and sellers of personal consumer data. A property loss database is also maintained by Insurance Services Office (ISO) which calls its database the Automated Property Loss Underwriting System, or A-PLUS. The Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles you to a copy of your CLUE report.

TO ORDER A CLUE Reports: Visit  LexisNexis Personal Reports (formerly Choice Trust) or call (866) 312-8076 (automated voice line). NOTE: The homeowner must be the person ordering the report.  If you are a buyer, check with your insurance company, they may be able to obtain the CLUE report as a service to you.

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