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Real Estate Widgets for Your Blog or Web Site

Are you a real estate agent and BLOGGER?  Are you searching for ways to add interesting and compelling content to your blog or web site?  How about adding a widget or two to your sidebar?

In case you are not yet familiar with the term “widget”…

What is a Widget?

According to
A Widget is a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebars of your blog. Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your blog sidebar – the part of your blog to the left, right or sometimes top or bottom of your main content. So long as you’re running a widget enabled theme, you can customize what goes into those sidebars.

Here are the best real estate-related widgets I have come across…so far:  (Do you know of a great RE widget to add to this list?  Tell us about it in the comments.)


  • New Local Market Explorer Wordpress Plugin – Creates “City Pages” based on a mashup of these services -  Zillow market stats and info, Yelp, Walk Score, Flickr, School Data from The plugin does not support neighborhoods or ZIP codes – Zillow is working on that for next version.
  • Here’s the LME widget in action – I just installed it on my Business Blog Consultant  Wordpress blog:

    LME widget
  • Real Estate & Mortgage Widgets – Make sure you have a Zillow Profile and you can Co-Brand these widgets for your site.  Zillow has a myriad of widgets to choose from including:  Mortgage Calculators and rates, Your Listings, Recently Solds, and some new ones for Home Buyer Tax Credit and Loan Modification qualifiers.



Or here they are listed individually:

  • TruliaCarousel Add real estate listings to your web site in an interactive and easy to use property carousel.

  • TruliaMap The TruliaMap widget shows listings from you, the real estate professional, on a colorful, interactive and easy-to-use map.

  • Trulia Snapshot With the TruliaSnapshot widget, you can show off Snapshot on your own website for free.

  • TruliaVoices Broadcast your real estate expertise with the TruliaVoices Q&A widget – an easy way to show off your answers from Trulia Voices on your own blog or website.

  • TruliaCalculator. This mortgage calculator widget adds great real estate content to your own web site or blog.

  • TruliaHomeroll The TruliaHomeroll widget shows the latest properties for sale on Trulia in your local area.

  • TruliaMinistats The TruliaMinistats Widget is a great way to keep your website visitors up to date on how prices are trending in your market.

  • TruliaStats This widget is a custom chart of the average listing price and available inventory for any city or neighborhood in the US.

  • TruliaSearchbox Now you can give your users the ability to search homes for sale on Trulia directly from your website or blog.

  • TruliaChart The TruliaChart widget is a free chart for your website or blog that gives your users helpful market trends for your local real estate market. You can show listing price, sales price, number of properties sold or number of properties for sale for any US city.

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