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Best Content Ideas for Real Estate Bloggers

Are you considering starting a blog  for your Real Estate Business?  Or maybe you have a blog and need a little inspiration, some new ideas to spark your writing. 

Researched and served up from me to you - Your Real Estate Coach - some of the best posts I've found on blog content ideas for real estate bloggers:

  • Chris Brogan - If I were a Realtor  Read this right-to-the-point post as well as the comments. Its about connecting with the community, being a local source about your area.  It's not about you and selling.

Print this post out for great ideas and keep it with you. Use this list and the next one from the Real Estate Tomato to start your Blog Post Idea Notebook.  Carry this notebook around with you.  When you get ideas, ad them to the list.  If you pay attention, you will become aware of things to blog about daily. 

I absolutely agree with and recommend NikNik's technique - I keep a blog notebook, sorted by my different blogs/topics and schedule time in my calendar to blog.

I’ve found the best way to maintain regular blog posts and fight “blogger’s block” is by creating a content posting plan. This is really nothing more than making an on-going list of content or story ideas from which you can pick and choose to create posts from. If you want to take it a step further, you could schedule time to write, as well as “read & research”.

...the trick is to take every day experiences, based on these topics and weave them into a post.

Teresa is an excellent blogger who has mastered the art of blending photos, real estate and community in her St Paul Real Estate Blog

More Real Estate Blog Content Ideas:

And two more good posts from the RE Tomato:

Recommended  marketing, tech, social media blogs for the Real Estate Industry to bookmark, subscribe to and READ...

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