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The Fixer Upper Blog - Effective Blogging and Use of Link Posts

Nicole Adams' passion for blogging, construction and sharing valuable information is evident in her site and Fixer Upper Blog

The Fixer Upper is a blog which covers issues ranging from finance, energy, technology, home ownership and maintenance, and any other issue of importance to homeowners. In addition to the discourse we foster on this site, we also attempt to introduce you to other sites and blogs which are likely of interest to homeowners.

Nicole has researched and compiled a variety of blog posts that link to useful resources on the particular subject of the blog post.  She started with compiling and sharing information about accredited construction management programs.  Her site is an excellent example of how blogging about what you are passionate about really works!  She also has provided an excellent list of resources worth bookmarking and exploring further.

Here are a couple of examples:

The First-Time Home Buyer Guide: 100 Must-Read Blog Posts

Top 100 Blogs to Boost Your Sales Skills

Top 20 Home Improvement iPhone Apps


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