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May 2010

Steve Kitnick and I launched our new distressed properties designation course on Thursday, May 21, 2010 and received excellent feedback and reviews of the new training course that. It is entitled Certified Foreclosure Alternatives Consultant and focuses on the real estate agent as a trusted advisor who understands how to navigate the distressed property process to include short sales. Over the 15 months, Steve and I have certified over 600 professionals through the CSP course. We saw the need to present a more comprehensive certification course that trains the real estate professional on a advanced communication and negotiation techniques, understanding... Read more →

Avoid Copyright Infringement - Best Practice for Bloggers

Darren Welsh, Attorney for Prudential Americana Group Realtors in Las Vegas, posted on April 23, 2010: TGIF Legal Tip: Blogs and Copyright Infringement Darren discusses a recent lawsuit brought against a REALTOR for alleged copyright infringement. Bottom line, don't take the entire article or work of another and post it on your web or blog site. This practice is not okay even if you cite the source or post a link back to the original. The best practice is to reference the post or article AND add your commentary, remarks, response, etc. You could use a specific paragraph and always... Read more →