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Recent News Articles Impacting Las Vegas Real Estate Market

In case you missed thes recent articles impacting our Las Vegas Real estate Market.... Judge Lane’s Ruling: Halt All Recontrust Foreclosures in Nevada - Read the article at Attorney Jim Stout's blog. Vegas #2 on list of where to buy rather than rent - The real estate data firm said increased demand for rental properties is driving the cost of homeownership down nationwide. Trulia compared the median list price of a two-bedroom home with the median price paid for rent in 50 cities. The company then assigned a price-to-rent ratio to each city, with any number below 15 signifying a... Read more →

I am huge fan of Mike Dooley's site ( Totally Unique Thoughts) and the daily, inspirational "Note from the Universe". Here's the note from 12/31/10 - just wanted to share it and recommend as a great resource. As the new year begins, now's a great time to: 1. Wipe the slate clean. 2. Focus upon what you really want. 3. Chart your course. Right? Well... only if you want to risk having to repeat these steps for the same wishes next year! Maybe this is splitting hairs, but here's an adventurous alternative: 1. Give thanks that life is...... Read more →