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Updated Resource Guide: Short Sales, HAFA, Alternatives to Foreclosure

I have updated, revised and added useful links to the Resources for Short Sales, HAMP/HAFA, Alternatives to Foreclosure Guide as of January 8, 2013. Feel free to download the document and use the resources as needed to educate and inform your clients and yourself as necessary!  If you have any recommendations for additional online resources or discover a broken/bad link - please contact me. 


Download Short Sale Resources 1_2013  Guide for Short Sales, HAMP/HAFA, Alternatives to Foreclosure

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Here are links to important downloads, resource sites and articles concerning short sales, HAFA and HAMP, and alternatives to foreclosure.

Bank / Lender  Short Sale Sites

Bank of America

Fannie Mae Short Sale Assitance Desk 

Wells Fargo Help for Homeowners

Chase Short Sales & Alternatives


GMAC Help for Homeowners


Housing Scorecard

Each month, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Department of the Treasury produce a monthly scorecard on the health of the nation’s housing market. The scorecard incorporates key housing market indicators and highlights the impact of the Administration’s unprecedented housing recovery efforts, including assistance to homeowners through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).



Making Home Affordable

Home Affordable Admin Site for Servicers

HAMP Participating Servicers

Outreach Toolkit – Documents, Flyers, Banner Ads for Blogs & Websites


Making Home Affordable – HAFA page with latest Program Guidelines; Borrowers Documents

From - Download brochures and info on HAFA

NAR Guide to Understanding HAFA

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

Fannie Mae HAFA -
Freddie Mac HAFA -

Fannie & Freddie Loan Lookup -

Fannie Mae Short Sale Assistance Desk -


FHA Pre-Foreclosures  



VA Compromise Sale Program

Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP)


Resources for Short Sales


Alternatives to Foreclosure

FTC – Mortgage Real Estate Publications/Downloads

Download FTCFactsforConsumers  Clearly defines all alternatives to foreclosure - from FTC

Avoid Foreclosure – Loan Modification Resources


Nevada Foreclosure Help and Loan Modification Resources

How a Short Sale Effects Credit

Impact on Consumer VantageScore Credit Scores Due To Various Mortgage Loan Restructuring Options -


Legal and Tax Ramifications for Sellers

IRS.GOV useful links

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007,,id=179414,00.html

Home Foreclosure and Debt Cancellation – (,,id=174034,00.html

IRS Release of Lien

IRS Pub 1450 – How to Request Release of Federal Tax Lien

IRS Pub 783 – Discharge of Lien Request

IRS Pub 4681 Canceled Debts – Foreclosures

IRS Pub 908 – Bankruptcy Tax Guide


State Foreclosure Laws Summary


The National Consumer Law Center -

This site has some excellent resources regarding programs for foreclosure mediation by state. 


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