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How to Stop and Celebrate Your Successes!

CelebrateSuccessIn my experience as a coach and real estate broker, I have observed that most driven and success-minded individuals have a tendency to focus on what they haven't achieved yet.  They are always moving on to the next goal or challenge without stopping, however briefly, to acknowledge the victory or success of the present moment. 

So, as you fine-tune your goals and your business plan for a successful new year, take some time to look back on the previous year with a focus on the positives.  Conduct a review of the previous year by writing down every success, win, and positive thing that you experienced - both big and small. 

Review your calendar for highlights. Go to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter timelines to jog your memory as we tend to post positive events and milestones on social media.

Use the questions listed below as a guide to help you get started. Just write it all down - stream of consciousness - no matter how seemingly insignificant.  Just write it down.  Once you start writing, you'll be surprised at how much you really have to celebrate! 

  • List all your accomplishments, wins, victories, successes in the past year.
  • List all moment of joy and gratitude.
  • What did you do last year that you were really proud of?
  • What do other people in your life have to say about what you did, accomplished, and contributed?
  • What did you do last year that moved you toward your goals?
  • What lessons did you gain from any setbacks, challenges or obstacles?
  • How are you going to integrate any learnings in to your future goals and the coming year?

Download and use this Celebrate Your Successes form: 
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