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In previous posts, I discussed Why Resolutions Don't Work and Model that Does and How to Celebrate Your Successes. In this post, I want to introduce a simple and effective model to take action TOWARD what you want to accomplish this year while also letting go of anything that no longer serves you. It's called START-STOP-CONTINUE. Ask yourself and then write down the answers to these 3 questions: What would you like to START doing the year? What do you want to STOP doing? What are you going to CONTINUE doing? Create a Start-Stop-Continue for your business and personal life.... Read more →

As you fine-tune your goals and your business plan for a successful new year, take some time to look back on the previous year with a focus on the positives. Conduct a review of the previous year by writing down every success, win, and positive thing that you experienced - both big and small. Read more →

The main reason most resolutions don’t work is that they focus on only one area of your life - the DO level. Many of us are living life with the focus on DO-HAVE-BE. “I will DO this thing.” (Lose weight) “So I can HAVE this other thing” (Self-Esteem) and I can BE this thing. (Confident). Read more →