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Introducing Heart | Mind | Business Coaching & Training Company

Dear friends, associates, past clients and new clients:

Post Update:  Company name change announcement: read The Magic of Being Connected & Aligned

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My passion has always been to inspire, empower and educate others to discover and achieve their full potential.  I have had the opportunity to do just that throughout my life as a business coach, speaker and trainer in a variety of career positions and affiliations with large companies.

My burning desire – that deep calling that never really goes away - has been to make the transition from the corporate world to running my own successful coaching and training business. I took that plunge in 2009 with O’Brien Consulting Services where I focused on real estate agent and team coaching as well as social media consulting.

Here’s what I discovered.  It’s not fun and empowering to work solo.  I vowed that when the day came that I would launch my own business again, it would be a collaborative effort.  I envisioned a company of heart-centered, like-minded professionals who work together to positively impact the lives of our clients.

Well, that day has arrived. Every experience and every person along my path has prepared me for this next exciting step in my journey and fulfillment of my life’s purpose.  I am truly grateful for those experiences, friendships and opportunities to grow.

I am thrilled to announce that I have made that leap of faith into the world of small business ownership by founding HMB Coaching, LLC.  Heart Mind Business Coaching is a real estate, business, life coaching and training company providing both personal, one-on-one coaching and online, on demand training and virtual coaching. 

HMB Coaching: Align and Connect Your Heart (passion) and Mind (attitude) with Your Business.

It’s all about understanding your passion and attitude then connecting those elements with the path that will lead you to success. 

We designed our programs for real estate professionals, agents who are building a team, brokers, managers and business owners in any industry.

Our coaching interest list is forming now!

Join the list and be among the first to know about the actual launch date for HMB Coaching (currently scheduled for September 2015).  You will also get notified of the limited time, introductory pricing and how to become a charter member of HMB Coaching.

As we continue to build our coaching and training platform, we have created an initial site to tell you more about who we are and what we do. 


Get on the list and download the free Real Estate Business Plan and customizable templates to guide you through creating powerful goals and a written business plan to keep you on track to success.

You are filled with unlimited potential.  At HMB Coaching we will partner with you to unlock your heart and mind so that you can focus, stay on track, and truly enjoy your personal and business journey.  There is no doubt that when you love what you do, it isn’t really work; you are more positive and feel more alive.  In the end isn’t it really about that feeling of satisfaction that you have exceeded your wildest expectations? That you have no regrets? That you have more personal time for family and friends?  We think so too – let’s get to work!


Jan O’Brien

Founder, HMB Coaching, LLC

[email protected]