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Building a successful and profitable team is truly an art as well as a science. The first two agent team building principles are hiring talented individuals for your key staff positions and implementing effective business and real estate systems. Team Building Principle #1: Hire Talented People to Key Positions Your first key player is a solid administrative assistant/transaction coordinator. Hiring an assistant is actually first priority if you don’t already have one. A general rule of thumb is that you are ready for an assistant when you are consistently closing 2-3 transactions each month. Here are some documents to get... Read more →

Blogging is not for everyone! It requires dedication and commitment … and your most valuable resource … your time. Before you even consider starting a blog, ask yourself these fundamental questions: Do I enjoy writing? Am I willing to be myself, be transparent and let my voice be heard…by the world? If the answers to the above are a resounding YES, then blogging may become your secret weapon for lead generation, online presence and becoming an authority and influencer in your market. Here are 15 blogging tips to guide you to a better blog: 1. Write about your passion(s). Choose... Read more →