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WBNL Coaching Membership Platform Launches 11-11-15

The Magic of Being Connected & Aligned

An amazing thing happened to us over the past few weeks.

My dear friend, collaborator and now business partner, Matt Emerson and I have been supporting each other as we pursue our passions and purpose.  We were contemplating how to align and connect our business ideas and separate entities to better serve our clients and customers.  The answer was simple and right there in front of us all along - as is the case so often in life.


We had an epiphany!

It occurred as we were following our own coaching advice ... to Get Up and Get Out and find the connection and alignment of your "why" and your chosen career.  

So, we went on a hike and conducted a few "walking meetings" over the course of a couple of days. We got out of our own way and opened up to the possibilities.

In order to better align with the needs of our clients, we decided to shift our focus slightly.  We are proud to announce that HMB (Heart|Mind|Business) Coaching is now WBNL (Wandering But Not Lost) Coaching.  Our goal is to insure that you are in alignment and help you connect so that you can prosper.  We are living proof that sometimes you need to shift gears a bit in order to become more powerful.  We’ll help you with that too!

Our philosophy remains the same - at WBNL Coaching we empower, listen, and coach you from an alignment of your heart and mind with your chosen field.  For us, listening is paramount.  We aren’t here to tell you what to do next, we are here to understand where you are in your business and what the best next step may be.  You’ll be heard with us – we listen.

We continue to experience the astonishing power of being connected and aligned with our purpose (our WHY) and the desire to provide valuable services and products that support our clients and customers.  We are excited to share that experience and guide those of you who are ready to discover your true path and to live your life on purpose.



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