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[Download] An intuitive and fun way to set your Intentions and Focus for the New Year

The ancient art of Feng Shui teaches the power of intention. I have studied Feng Shui and applied its principles in my life and career and found it to be a powerful and fun way to set intentions and focus on what I want to create in my life. With that in mind, we have designed the Intentions - Focus Map and Journal template to support you in setting clear intentions for the New Year. Clarity is so critical in setting your intentions. Once you are clear, you can make a commitment to yourself to do it.

Setting your intentions is about understanding what you're doing, why you're doing it, and how you're going to do it. The bagua map of feng shui is traditionally used as an overlay for your living or office space. You can learn more about how to apply feng shui design and cures to your physical spaces by researching it online. For this strategy, we have adapted the map to use as a guide to nine key sectors of your life and business. 

To learn more about the nine sectors and implementation ideas, click here to access the free download and get started with clear intentions and focus for your year ahead.

MyIntentions_Focus600 MyIntentionsJournal600

Strategy #1: Use the Intentions Map to set your key focus and attention in all areas.   Reflect on the past year and do a review of each area. Take the time to stop, reflect and celebrate the successes of the past and not just focus on what you did not achieve. Ask and answer some or all of these questions to get you in the creative mind flow:

  • What did you accomplish?
  • What are you most grateful for in each area?
  • What are obstacles or challenges that got in the way?
  • What opportunities did you miss?
  • What lessons did you learn?

Now, set your intentions:

  • What is your primary focus for each area?
  • What new experiences do you want to have this year?
  • What action are you willing to take to move toward what you want?
  • Each of the nine areas has a key focus word. What is your focus word for that area?

Strategy #2: #ReachYourPeak100 Challenge Join our community and let us encourage and support you in reaching your goals or intentions for the year.

  • Choose one area (maximum of 2) to focus on for the next 100 days.
  • Set your intention for that area. Decide on one action or step that you are committed to that will move you forward.
  • The key is to MAKE IT SMALL! Commit to ONE thing, One Action, ONE positive habit that is obtainable each day for 100 days.

Here are some ideas:

  • 10-15 minutes of walking
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • 1 new contact added to your database
  • 1 conversation or phone call with a prospect, customer
  • Write or journal for 10 minutes
  • Handout one business card and have one conversation about real estate or your business
  • Exercise, yoga, stretching for 15 minutes

Post your photos to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ReachYourPeak100 and we will include them on our WBNL Social wall. If you don't use Twitter or Instagram - just email me your name, photo and a little bit about your goal to



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