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Find Your Park in 2016 and Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our National Park Service

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of our National Park Service. At Wandering But Not Lost we are dedicated to bringing you insights, fun facts and tips to get the most out of your National Park Service (NPS) experience.


We’ve committed to getting up and getting out to new Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites this year as a part of the National Park Service’s campaign to ‪#‎FindYourPark‬. We challenge you to do the same!
We’d like to hear about your adventures. When you are out wandering please add the hashtag ‪#WanderingButNotLost‬ to your posts. We’ll share your pics and stories monthly on our site.
And remember, be Forever #WanderingButNotLost!
Get out and #FindYourPark.

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Catch us LIVE on our Blab show.... Wandering But Not Lost Travel Log – join Matt Emerson as he shares his unique insights on enjoying the complete travel experience.  Get inspired to Get up and Get Out to our National Parks and cities across the United States.