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Affirmations for A Successful Real Estate Business

Affirmations. simply put, are statements of belief.  The statement may be internal or external, positive or negative, personal or environmental. It may affirm and declare your success or your failure. The words you choose, the thoughts you think and emotions you feel are powerful and create your reality.  Affirmations are self fulfilling prophecies, they come true. Affirmations are most effective in the FIRST PERSON, PRESENT TENSE.


Here are some real estate affirmations to consider revising for your business:

  1. Success Keys: I must think successful and act successful to be successful!
  2. Professional Value: The real estate commissions I receive are not just a reward for having a real estate license; they are payment for providing valuable professional services.
  3. Real Work: I do not avoid difficult tasks and uncomfortable situations. I get paid well for doing the things that unsuccessful people won’t do or can’t do.
  4. Enthusiasm and Confidence: I do not think, talk or act negatively about the real estate business. I know that my atti­tude affects my level of success and I always show enthusiasm and confidence to my customers, clients and fellow associates. I believe in my personal value and the value of my office and company.
  5. Consistent Prospecting: I do not wait for prospects to come to me. I actively seek‑out qualified prospects.
  6. Selling Situation: I do not allow myself to become bogged‑down in “busy work.” I assure my success by consistently getting into actual selling situations. I maximize my probability for success by working proven real estate systems.
  7. Reasonable Probability: I do not depend on luck and gamble on unrealistic possibilities. I only work on properties and with prospects where there is a reasonable probability of success.
  8. Worthy Clients: I don’t waste my time, energy, or money on unqualified clients. The clients and custom­ers I work with are worthy of my valuable professional services.
  9. Working Hours: I do not work the same hours as a salaried employee. I know that I must be available when prospects are available. I do not allow other people to interfere with my work schedule. I carefully guard my working hours.
  10. Concern, Responsibility and Control: I  accept responsibility for situations which are in my control. I show concern for all situations, but I only accept responsibility for controllable circumstances.
  11. Honesty and Benefits: I tell my custom­ers and clients the truth and sell them on the benefits.  I do not disguise reality by telling people only what they hope to hear.
  12. Persuasion: I do not argue with customers or clients or run from problems. I successfully persuade people with patience and benefits.
  13. Loose Ends: I do not rush through transactions leaving unsolved problems that I hope will disappear. I answer questions and concerns assuring future satisfaction.
  14. Personal Responsibility: My level of success is not dependent upon uncontrollable circumstances. I fully ac­knowledge that … If it is to be, it’s up to me.
  15. Specialization: I do not try to work with every prospect or on every property. I specialize on properties and with prospects where I have professional competency value and reasonable ability for success. I also have the personal desire to work with them in a professional man­ner.
  16. I Believe: I have the right to be successful. I have the ability to be successful. I am personally responsible for my level of success. I create my success through my thoughts and my actions!

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