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Real Estate Team Building Tip 1: Two Critical Keys to Building a Successful Real Estate Team

Sindeo Interviews WBNL Coaching on Building a Real Estate Team

WBNL Coaching had the pleasure of being interviewed by Katie Lance for a #SindeoSitdown  episode in May 2016.

Thanks to Katie and Sindeo for a great conversation on How to Build a Successful Real Estate Agent Team.  Watch the replay above as we cover the following questions.  Make sure to download the Key Takeaways handout here:  Download 04062-I-BuildSuccessfulRealEstateTeam  to get the answers to the questions below~

  • When do you know you're ready to start a team?

  • Once you know, where do you start? Who do you hire first?

  • What kind of agent do you hire? Another independent agent to do deals? A new agent to learn and sit at open houses? A tech/marketing pro?

  • What kind of ad should you create to recruit and where should you run your ads?

  • How do you onboard new team members?

  • Any tools, apps or systems you can recommend them using to manage a team?


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